Ideas International

This chapter includes ideas that concern to particularly each country in the world.
(It has to be concerned that each project-idea will be realized only in cases if concrete propositions will be received from both parties:
* organizers
* creative groups
* sponsors, financial groups,
* participants of the project - idea)
All project – ideas are patented!!!
The work of the international council "Vizhy-3000" conducted on a voluntary basis.
1 About the concept “Etlernal life will be”
2 Creation of the global center “LIISET”
3 “Laws and categories of philosophy predict major directions of development” (On new social and economic formation)
4 If we want to move forward positively and very fast – we have to examine ad verbum all problems in scale of whole world – our planet Earth
5 Our future
6 Creating of supermodern city with the international infrastructure “Unlowo” in Transcarpathian region in Ukraine
7 Organization and holding of competitions on awarding the International prizes “Vizhy – 3000”, “ETLIWIBE”, “Carpathian Bear”, “Unlowo”, “LIISET” to the most talented and distinguished people of the Planet
8 Organization and conduction of the international competition for the best dramatic staging vizhy-rock “Anna-Mary and Mary-Anne”
9 Organization and holding of the project “Children’s fairytale hero “LIISET”
10 Organization and conduction of the international project “Unlowo” (Universally loved woman)
11 Organization and conduction of international Competition "Planets’ Stars Park"
12 About organization and implementation of the international beauty contest between miss teams from different countries
13 About the organization of activities of the Academic Council on the assignment of certificates to the best creative workers for achieved successes in various creative and intellectual trends
14 Musician – instrument – actor
15 Recipes of new dishes on the theme of “Human Life Extension” and “Woman, Love “Unlowo”
16 On organization and holding a constant operating international photo exhibition
17 Organization and holding of continuously operated International Exhibition of Fine and Applied Arts
18 I’m Super Producer
19 Seven most pressing problems on the Planet!
20 On the creation of the international coordination center on the implementation of the best ideas
21 Laws category include the main directions of development" (relative to football)
22 Idea is the main form of scientific knowledge and the way for accelerated development, resolving problem
23 Four main components of human behavior
24 The most important thing in the process of development of all trends of vital activity of the Planet is a personality of «thinker»
25 On creation of international coordination centre on cooperation with «thinkers»
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