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- Yuri Mikhailovich, readers weekly "ET" during February 2012 to become acquainted with you referred to the concept of "Eternal life is." Ignore your remaining long activity - implementation of these projects and your ideas. Above their implementation you're half a century. How it all began and what the outcome?

Speaking chronologically, the first the organization was established in 1961 when I was 11 years, and it was called "Nodol" (Scientific observatna pilot ohotnycha laboratory). These were our children's imagination, we tried to discuss some of this did. It operated until 1971. She went Opachko John Mihovk Joseph Vereytsi Tibor, Sharoshi George, George Vladimir Klein Marton. After "Nodol" (from 1973 to 1993) operated system Beregovskaya leisure "Globe", from 1993 to 2003 the Ukrainian-Hungarian-British enterprise "Vizhybu" in 2003 and to date the International Council "Vizhy-3000", which in following 2013, has become an international center "Vizhyye."

Certainly at this period much has been realized, or laid the first seeds of new project ideas, which in the near future should grow into independent, powerful projects.

Nevertheless, that you have priority? And how much do their own projects ideas were in your life?

All my life I spent two ideas that are embodied in the concept. One - "The mechanism of human intelligence in his spare time," which I wrote in 1963, the second written in 1967 - "What to do in the world to dramatically extend the life of man (the main 33 issues) and the model of Planet," " The only governing body of the World "(YEKOS). ("ET" published this concept called "Eternal life is" - approx. Author).
That is, the implementation of these two concepts for me is a priority. By the way on the first concept was made almost too much, and experience has been generalized to the entire Soviet Union.
How many own projects ideas were in me, I'm not counting, but more than three hundred for sure. Today is officially patented 57, are on different scales (from regional, state, regional, national to international rather powerful).
That the implementation of 57 projects ideas we are doing now and in the public association "Vizhy-3000."

Tell us more about these project ideas.

Whatever we project ideas of the international council "Vizhy-3000" is not considered, you should consider that everything is seen through the prism of globalization and integration of the planet. That is all the processes, ideas, projects taking place in the world are inextricably linked and separate release from this - the way to nowhere (meaning to do something in isolation from it).
The main and most important project-idea think of a single governing body of world (YEKOS) and Coordination Research Center (KSC). For other project ideas, the vast majority of which is a continuation of a variety of areas arising, or closely associated with the creation YEKOS.
The basic 33 problems to be solved on the planet, to significantly extend life by coordinating research center.
Also, using the basic laws of philosophy (negation of the negation, the unity and struggle of opposites, the transition of quantitative changes into qualitative) offer a new socio-economic formation "Vyzhyizm".
Finally. Shown that organizational work to do and how to start and run, set this superheavy project idea.

What is available to primary solution? Here are a few specific tasks.

So specifically on the model of Planet:
- Especially in all directions to take concrete steps towards globalization and integration of the world;
- Create a world parliament, world government, that YEKOS;
- Create a world police, world court and other necessary law enforcement agencies;
- UN completely transformed into a fundamentally new organization that would complement the model of YEKOS. But probably more realistic to advanced functions of UN activities in the present YEKOS;
- The global society in the shortest time necessary to develop clear rules of rights and obligations of all residents of each country separately and the planet Earth, they must be observed. And, accordingly, the world community must fulfill its responsibilities and provide all that is defined in the regulations. In the same document to define severe penalties that will be taken against those who violated the rules of coexistence of the international community, as to each person and each country;
- To create a global banking system and to reconstruct fully the financial and economic relationship in the world community;
- To create a modern, smart credit system of free money, in this sense that we do not obdyraly future generations, our children and grandchildren, but rather made for them a strong financial reserve, and this gave them the future opportunity for positive development of all major areas world community;
- Need to create a permanent scientific council, which already in the near future will be considered, make proposals on the most important controversial issues. For example: who owns the bottom of the Arctic and other oceans, who owns Antarctica, who owns the Moon and many other similar issues;
- Should consider creating a single world currency that does not belong to a separate state, region, and belongs to (YEKOS) - that it should be a draw;
- Transfer all nuclear power, nuclear weapons YEKOS;
- Transfer all rocket and space technology YEKOS;
- Transfer all natural resources YEKOS. Because they belong to every citizen of the planet and they should receive a rent (profit);
- To make serious adjustments in fertility, genetics, etc. This should be taken serious commitment that limit fertility ratio is determined by labor productivity and wealth accumulation per capita;
- To make serious adjustments on a large gap between rich and poor, as individual countries, regions, and specifically all the inhabitants of the planet. This means that no huge gap rich-poor in the country, no gap between rich and poor countries is inadmissible. That is why the program to fight poverty in the world should share in two parts: the equalization of living standards within the same country and the alignment of prosperity in the world;
- Need to think about and access to low-energy, low-costly civilization;
- Need for a scientific basis to consider the application of genetic control. At the preliminary stage and further implement severe standards limit fertility;
- To determine that the Earth - a living organism. And not from her constantly just take, take and take and give nothing in return, but rather to violate all the basic norms of mutual respect. Because we constantly centuries, using natural resources, destroy natural resources, not doing environmental requirements, etc., and thereby destroy themselves, and especially the future generation. We, the world community, even in the near future to find a reasonable form vzayemospivrobitnytstva on Earth to give it (the earth), then what is necessary to solve environmental issues and on earth and in the atmosphere, to develop a solid program of natural resources and more. You should also consider a program to study the life of the Sun, stars, life of the Earth's climate cycles on long waves ingenious schemes Kondratyev, explain the laws of creation and movement of cyclones and anticyclones, general land warming and more. And on the basis of scientific analysis to make serious adjustments in activities YEKOS. Based on the above, consider the scientific program to protect against catastrophes, natural disasters, the price of which has become a vast and in the form of human life, and in the form of property:
- To completely change the approach to human welfare. You can not live in a consumer society. Every inhabitant of the planet must make its own contribution. As well as getting their share.
It is clear that all the above is implemented only governing body of world (YEKOS).
In these tasks included suggestions and brilliant economist Gavril Popov - President of the International Union of Economists.
Specifically to solve a significant prolongation of human life only list a header areas: environmental issues, group protection from various natural disasters, creation of common international standards in all directions, creating a group that would deal with the establishment of modern mechanisms of all structures in all countries and worked developing models of the future, monolingualism, finding a scientific process by which solved the problem of life without aging significantly extend it; to all countries dynamic economic and social develop, solve the problem of peace, of disarmament, on a scientific basis to solve the problem of population growth and future population other planets, prevention of health and their treatment; issue ultra-modern vehicle on Earth and interplanetary communication, creating a research center on relations with other civilizations, scientific forecasting of all of humanity, solving energy problems, water supply, nutrition, housing, household items, transportation and other policies necessary for normal earth, a single media center (press, radio, television, internet, etc..), where there is information in one language for all inhabitants of the planet, creating a single telephone-TV-video center, the single currency for all, ensuring all work; group which deals with settlement of oceans, deserts, cold regions, mountains and other populated places are few and there is a normal living conditions, creating a new model of training for all categories of humanity, full computerization everyone and everywhere, a group of forecasting new family relationships and solve them, full support and maximum use of unconventional thinking people, healers, who "work wonders" with original ideas, activities of the initiative group that would deal with the design and construction of modernization present, future and for settling other planets of the universe, to solve the problem of providing entertainment earth. And the last thirty-third line, probably the most important - is the development of fundamental and applied sciences: medicine, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, biophysics, gerontology, and many others.
Briefly referred to combine the best efforts of scientists, nuggets from around the world to address various issues of significant prolongation of human life that the vast majority will work and live in one place (ie near) to determine YEKOS. I would like to make it in Transcarpathia in "Vselyuzhi" ("the universe loved a woman").

Tell us more about this city.

As this idea was transformed in my mind?
In 1977, as mentioned, the idea of ​​"Vselyuzhi." In 1992, New York, I dined with three employees of U.S. banks on 107 floor World Trade Center, which then, as you know, was deleted. And speaking on various topics, they told me something unexpected and painted on salfettsi that Transcarpathia, a small part of Hungary, Slovakia, Romania will be the focus of our planet and life here will be the best. What then will the whole earth. But it starts with Transcarpathia. I have heard, napkins away in memory and soon forgot about it. In 2001 in Florence, I had a meeting with businessmen of four Italian firms. And what is interesting. They are word for word repeated to me what happened in New York and also on salfettsi painted the same. I took a souvenir and that napkins, and again about this conversation forgotten.
In 2003, about a month I was in the U.S., which visited 28 cities. Throughout the program, accompanied by the host. Frankly, this little ostohydla care. And so we arrived in Las Vegas, where I asked that one day they gave me free. And I was happy when 12 hours walked on foot all the main part of town. He visited there, he knows that this sophisticated city built where each quarter reflects in small scale, the most famous buildings around the world: Venice, New York, Paris, Monaco, etc. I was interested to see where the earth (in the truest sense of the word) is all built. When I was on the edge, I took the land in hand. Is this ryzhuvata color ground, absolutely not suitable for growing plants, almost desert. And I like Zakarpattya, Ukrainian frankly it devoured. Are we - Transcarpathians with unsurpassed nature and everything else can not do something better. And that's when I got the idea to build a super modern city. It is clear in any case it is the main idea. In Las Vegas, the basic idea of ​​what all there go - this is gambling. So there I mentioned the concept in 1977 "Vselyuzhi", two napkins 1992 and 2001, etc.
And I then had the idea "Vselyuzhi." That is, build a city, mind you - sophisticated, more like Las Vegas - where the basic idea - to be taken into account all the whims, desires women in the world, and all were devoted to women and everything that was built on a global level. Once home, I mentally added the city has a huge estate, which is based International Centre for the Settlement of Problems continuation of human life and the only governing body of world (YEKOS) with all necessary infrastructure for this and a little later with two more huge neighborhoods and also all necessary infrastructure: the construction of health and medical clinic where to treating seriously ill children around the world and sports center for the Winter Olympics.
It therefore has to be the place on Earth, where will evolve, initiated, begin implementation of the global problems that are already mentioned. That is in the area to be built Vselyuzhi city that has become draws, when actually, it should be a city without exception, all the inhabitants of the planet. It should begin those improvements, go pulse spiritual purity in all areas of activity and gradually this has to be covered by all the countries of our planet and all its inhabitants. This city should be built entirely in Transcarpathia and adjacent small part of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Poland.

Regarding the concept of "eternal life" or "significantly improve it." In your opinion, how many years can actually extend the life of man?

Today, the world's many theories of aging. But all of them can be divided into two groups: mechanistic and regulatory. The first claim that we age as dear a mechanism that is worn at all levels - from cells to organs. The second says that death is the same program as the birth, development, become older. Nature seems to have used both methods of murder, but the more popular it is still self-liquidation program. But if so, to find where the program is recorded, and "delete" it.
I personally from childhood (and I knew as much about the human body, like all the tenth) was a follower of regulatory theory. That is on baby I thought that everything depends on nerve cells and nerve if kill "old age", then people can live much longer. Then in the 17 years I have pointed out the place (high ear, where much of the same nerves), this place - the human brain. This I have written and graphically reflected in his concept of "Eternal life is" in 1967.
Been through the years, but scientific evidence that children's hypothesis was not. While in other 32 areas to address various issues were fundamental scientific evidence, etc.
Only in 2005, and then quite by accident, I saw on Russian television speech Academician Vladimir Skulachova - which is already based on serious scientific research is very close to completely verify my child's hypothesis. In the same period was close to that another famous Russian scientist Alexey Matveevich Olovnikov.
By the way points Skulachov VP and Olovnikov AM - Great authority aging and death in the world. And if they say that the cure for aging will soon invent, not just words. The rate of molecular biology such that the medicine of immortality can invent the next 15 - 20 years.
Academician Vladimir Skulachov (Doctor of Science, professor, academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the New York Academy, European Academy, Director of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Biology, Moscow State University
them. Belozerskoho, winner of USSR State Prize (1975) - world-throw words to the wind will not, his credibility is huge, it is one of the founding fathers of bioenergy, said: "I think stop aging and restore youth we learn quickly, precisely because of dozens of years, even more than fifty. For me now the most important - to convince colleagues that the death and aging are programmed, not only the result of accumulation of errors and deterioration of the body. "
I have no doubt that there is a program of self-liquidation. But in order to deal with death is necessary to understand how this program works and where it can intervene. We are talking about physiological immortality. Yes? To learn how to stop aging, that man always remained young?
Olovnikov AM says: "... The main question is still open - where the counter age and he ordered ... I am sure watches are found in brain cells. They are the same counter that counts these days ... A hormonal system controls all organs and causes them to hurt, destroy cells. To all this system to make people immortal and restore youth, to or out of this cursed counter, or rather to learn to "start" biological clock ".
Continues Skulachov VP: "... I fully agree with this should be a chronometer, and probably it is located in the human brain. I think the most likely location of the meter's death - suprahiazmatychne nucleus of the hypothalamus, known as its relationship with biorhythms. "
Skulachov suggested another way to achieve physiological immortality: snack posting to a watchmaker with a bomb deaths - cut off from the body clock to prevent hormonal signals "from the center" detrimental effect on our bodies.
If the sum said to them, they believe that a treatment method that will significantly extend the human life will be resolved very soon. For 15-20 years, in the worst case no more than 50. You must delete the old counter in the cells of the brain.
What I wrote as a child intuitively, today close to confirmation by scientists fundamentally.
As in the concept of my visions of finding "drugs eternal life" problem solving significant prolongation of life, I would like to clarify that I am speaking not of eternal life in a religious sense, but about life without aging, which can take much more and which may be interrupted due to an accident, suicide or unexpected exit from the system (accidental or caused by long-living) of any support system.
I am absolutely sure that the problem of significant prolongation of life scientists and fundamentalists nuggets will be resolved fairly quickly (10 - 20 years).
But the most tragic phenomenon for societies on planet Earth can occur if scientifically solved the problem of a significant extension of life before they actually will be done 33 problems listed above.

Do you work hard on the implementation of these projects, as most inhabitants of the Earth is unlikely to believe in the possibility of their implementation?

Certainly not easy, but it naturally. For human need time to intellectually perceive, understand it all. But if you compare the perceptions of project ideas 30 years ago and now it shows that a considerable part of the inhabitants of our planet is really quite seen this once for their utopian ideas. Just one example. BBC BBC recently appealed to the reader asking to share your thoughts and predictions on how to change life on the planet in 100 years. Known the world futurists Ian Pearson and Patrick Tucker commented assumption readers on how to look the world in 2112 year. And interestingly, is pretty much predict the number of solving problems, which I wrote back in 1967 and later. For example, some of their 15 predictions for the future of the century:
- In the ocean act one thousand farms that produce food in unprecedented scale;
- Thanks to advances in genetics we can create people with high intelligence who own immortality;
- We learn to fully control the weather;
- Entered the only world currency;
- Fusion becomes a reality;
- In the world remain only three languages ​​- English, Spanish, Chinese (in my projections - will be the only, source);
- A space elevator make space accessible to all;
- Marriage will change the conclusion of annual contracts;
- Sovereign states will disappear, they will be replaced by a world government ...

One can cite many other examples. I just think that the world community does not have to wait until it all starts, and is now actively involved in resolving the matters mentioned.

One last question. What you dream?

Of course, to be implemented all design ideas of our organization. To end in the future was created YEKOS (One of the world governing body) and workers were able to resolve those 33 issues, which will help significantly extend human life. To have created such conditions that all inhabitants of the planet could fully reveal his abilities and talent. For spirituality, intellect and inner world of man was dominant in the evaluation of each individual, rather than how a person is rich material.

Source: newspaper "ET", 1 and March 8, 2012
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