About the concept “Etlernal life will be”


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About the concept “Etlernal life will be” or life without getting old,Significant human life extension and creation for this a new management model of the Planet

In 1967 in Beregovo, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine for the first time the short concept of “Eternal life will be” was written by Yuriy Hetsko (he was 17 years old) in which he set main principals, which are necessary to resolve on the Earth to significantly extend a human life. These principles were taken as a base in writing of the concept “Eternal life will be” that was printed only in 2000. Present concept caused various evaluations from appreciations to some critical remarks. But there is one thought that on our Planet the problem of a human life extension has to be resolved very fast and that there are all real possibilities to do this. Predominant majority of scientists, talents, managers, leaders, and other categories of citizens think that the proposed management model (WSGB - World Single Government Body) is really necessary in resolving problems of a significant human life extension and creation of a new model of government on our Planet.
By the way, in that text many things are without changes from 1967.
In the concept Yuriy Hetsko tells about finding of “ways of eternal life”, resolving problems of a significant human life extension. Author would like to specify that it's not about immortal life but life without ageing which can continuing for 500-700 years and more, and that can be broken through incident, suicide or unexpected problems with vital organs.



I dedicate it to bright memory of my father

Michael Getsko

"Eternal Life Will Be"

("About the solution of the problems,
connected with human life prolongation")



It has always been, it is, and it will always be a dream of the entire population to solve the problem of eternal life or at least its pro­longation.
At this moment, not taking into account plenty of experiments carried out concerning this problem in many countries of the world, the time to speak about any serious positiveresults has not come yet. Speaking more precisely, the absolute majority of the population on Earth does not believe even in the possibility to prolong their life for 20-30 years.
Is the situation really so pessimistic in our Universe?
I, personally, am a great optimist. To certain extent only owing to this feature I have always believed and do believe now in eternal life if only scientists, businessmen, organizers, persons with natural gifts, basic intellect of the entire world unite and if all the habitants of our planet passionately want this, then, with time we will find the ways to the solution of this archicomplicated problem. Anyway, when I was 17 (1976), I for the first time wrote in the form of some hypotheses and problems about what is necessary to do in order to prolong life for some hundreds of years. At that time such problematic tasks were raised:

  1. Creation of one and only government for all countries in the world
  2. Liquidation of atomic weapon.
  3. There shouldn't be wars.
  4. In each family there can be one child.
  5. Regulation of population's growth in China, India, Japan, Korea, Indochina, Indonesia and other countries.

Besides these, two more hypotheses were raised:
About how to find the "medicine of eternal life".
About the way how people of Earth will settle other planets.
Further these hypotheses are spread out briefly. Without a doubt, in many cases they are disputable, easy to refute. Though I still con­sider them very important and basically practical. In last tens of years many tasks earlier raised began to get solved approximately the way it was foreseen. In any case it influenced my decision to offer the peo­ple of Earth a specific program, final purpose of which is the solution of eternal life problem.
Speaking generally, I consider it this way: Earth is.an experimen­tal testing site of other beings, who are significantly higher in intellec­tual development and live on other planets or exist in other Universes. They provide experiments on Earth, examine all its possible process­es. First of all they are interested what transformation, in what period f people will go through till they solve the problem of eternal life, having achieved their level of intellectual development.
I think, that they have solved it long ago, together with many other problems, mentioned further on.
To my mind, in accordance with their experiment, at the moment, when we achieve their intellectual development, or at least we'll be close to it, they will contact us themselves. To be more precise they will allow us enter their world,— world, where everybody lives forever. By the way, this is why all the replacements on the flying machines, duration of which takes 10-15 years mean a usual thing to these beings, as it is a short period of time for them.
I am absolutely sure, that there exists one thing in the world, sup­ported by everybody without doubt (with the exception, perhaps, of mentally ill).
The question is - solution of the problem of eternal life! There will hardly be a man on Earth, who wouldn't support it.
If there exists a uniting goal for the people of the entire world, then it is necessary to solve a line of organization tasks which should first of all unite the effort of orga­nizers, leaders, politicians, people with natural gifts, intellectuals, scientists, governing bodies of all countries and on the whole all the population of Earth.

II. How should we start?

Firstly, there should be created a pressure group attached to UNO which will deal with the solution of all the organization tasks on the initial stage, tasks, concerning the human life prolongation.
Persons, belonging to these given pressure groups are selected ,and confirmed by UNO's governing body (near 15-17 people ).lts title twould sound: "Pressure group, dealing with the solution of human life prolongation attached to UNO".
This way the pressure group prepares a "Project of governing mechanism of solution the problem of human life prolongation" which through the mass media would inform the majority of the population and this very material would be sent out to the heads of all countries, organizations, higher educational establishments and other bodies which have direct relation to the problem of human life prolongation.
In certain period of time (4-6 months) this group gathers reverse information from everybody, who has own remarks, offers, own views, concerning the solution of the given task or absolutely unordi-nary ideas. It might be who­ever, wherever, individual person or organization, company or scientists   board, a region's idea and defi­nitely those of the heads of the coun­tries. I. e. received information is accumulat­ing, analyzed in details, examined, performed. On this base the documents are being made, which are correspondingly sent to governing bodies of all the countries. The problematic issues should be point­ed out in the given projects, way   of   their solution, expected results, schemes of governing structures, personnel offers and claims as to the nomination of candidates into the organizations, scientific centers of future government, solution of economic problems and a lot of other projects.
In the case, that the governing bodies of the countries would con­sider the given problem actualization to be correct, then the pressure group would prepare and conduct a universal meeting of world coun­tries' governments (it can be someone who is authorized by the gov­ernment of given country on the initial stage) in the place, where the J offered projects are to be discussed. To follow the heads of the coun­tries are entitled 5 - 8 people, who are experts in this field. The Universal meeting is conducted under the aegis of UNO.
In the case that the offered projects are approved by the govern­ing bodies of all or the majority of the countries with the immediate par­ticipation of pressure group which works on the human life prolonga­tion attached to UNO, consisting of elected persons (nominated by the governments of the country) - a Council of the World Only Governing Body (WOGB) is elected for all the countries, existing on the planet and in the amount, suggested by the majority.
President and vice pres­ident are elected from those nominated into the council. This first elected Council exists till the complete forma­tion of all the governing struc­tures of WOGB.
After its formation the members of WOGB are reelected.
Since this moment the given body is completely independent. Heads of the Council are grateful to UNO for mentioned help and interact as separate organizations.

III. How should the WOGB collaborate with its subdi­visions
and with the rest of organizations?

III. I. The main body is the Council of World Only Governing Body (34 mem­bers), where the president, first vice pres­ident and vice president are elected from each continent, with the exception of Antarctic, i. e. 6 persons.
The structure of WOGB mecha­nism is shown on the scheme No.1.
Council of WOGB:
1. Coordinates and directs the work of legislative committee of the First Chamber, executive committee of the Second   Chamber,   government of Executive Organization Centre (EOC), Council of Coordinative Scientific H Centre (CSC).
2. Prepares projects for discussion in the First Chamber the offers, coming from the First and Second Chambers, EOC, CSC Council.
3. Controls execution of all decisions of the WOGB Council and First Chamber and deals with the personnel organization. The Council also consists of a Speaker and six deputies of the First Chamber, Speaker and six deputies of the Second Chamber, Heads of CSC Council and his seven deputies, main director of EOC government and his four deputies and, of course, the WOGB president and his six deputies (34 people in all).
The president of WOGB Council and his first deputy are elected j by voting of all members of the First and Second Chambers from the, candidates, nominated by the governments of the countries.
Five deputies of WOGB Council dealing with the issues of Africa, Asia, Australia, America, Europe are elected by voting of the First and Second Chambers' members of that very continent which they would represent and from the candidates, offered by the governing bodies of given continent countries.
The WOGB members are confirmed on the First and Second Chambers' general meeting for the term of seven years.

III. II. First Chamber (legislative).
It consists of one representative from each country, elected on the base of the countries governments' recommendation.
The Speaker and the first vice speaker of the First Chamber are elected from the offered candidates by voting of all members of the given Chamber.
Five vice speakers dealing with matters of Africa, Australia America, Europe are elected by voting from representatives of the continent they would repre­sent and, of course, from those candidates, offered by the continent's countries' gov­ernments.
Speaker and five vice speakers after their election automatically become mem­bers of WOGB Council and First Chamber executive com­mittee.
Executive committee and First Chamber members:
— devises, accepts, con­siders the decisions concern­ing all the propositions, coming from the Second Chamber, CSC, EOS, and from WOGB, too.
— devises, accepts, considers the decisions concerning global problems of Earth, coming out from different countries' governments.
— devises, accepts, considers decisions, concerning the matters 1 which are considered by the majority of the First Chamber to be the most urgent on the planet.
Executive committee and First Chamber members make all the decisions on the general conference together with the members of the WOGB Council.
Al the problematic issues connected with the human life prolon­gation are to be preparing and considering by the legislative commit­tee of the First Chamber only after the WOGB Council makes its offer.
The decision is considered affirmed in the case of 100 percent­age voting by all members of WOGB Council and First Chamber. Only in certain cases it is considered affirmed by the majority (this is to be determined beforehand, before the voting by WOGB Council and by members of the First Chamber.
The main decisions, concerning the human life prolongation are obligatory for the execution by the governing bod­ies of all countries.
Members of the First Chamber deal with the discussion of the problems of human life prolongation and make cor­responding decisions during 3-4 months per year in the place, defined by the centre of WOGB activities.
Each member of the Chamber spends the last 8-9 months immedi­ately in his own country and deals with organization and control of given decision execution.
Members of legislative commit­tee of the First Chamber and its apparatus are doing with coordination and J organization of the First Chamber's work, control the provisions of made decisions and of constant reverse inter­communication with its representatives in each country, concerning the solution of human life prolongation.

III. III. Second Chamber (organization-executive-scientific) is created on the base of personnel, suggested by countries governments, Council of scientists, enterprises, unions, establishments, separate persons. Self-nomination is also allowed.
Depending on into which governing body the person is recom­mended, at that place he/she will be tested and interviewed. This is the Second Chamber's executing committee or CSC Council or EOC government.
After deep examination of candidates the mentioned above gov­erning bodies make their suggestions as to the personnel affirmation for their structures to WOGB Council (this is the way it should be after the creation of all the WOGB structures).
Only after this confirmation on Council of WOGB they are entitled to start the fulfillment of their functional duties.
It is clear that all the permanent employees conclude contracts with the WOGB Council.
On the initial stage, the WOGB Council deals with the Second Chamber, CSC and EOC personnel, heads and employees of initiative groups, it tests them, interviews affirms the stuff.
The WOGB Council, First and Second Chambers on the general meeting confirm only the Head of CSC Council, Main Director of EOC and the heads of pressure groups.
All the other personnel matters are resolved by WOGB Council.
It is very important to nominate, select, affirm into the Second Chamber, CSC, EOC and pressure groups the scientists, people with natural gifts, organizers, intellectual practical capacity of the entire world (near 400-500 people). Speaker, first deputy and the rest of deputies dealing with continent matters (Africa, Asia, Australia, America and Europe) are elect­ed through voting by the members of the Second Chamber together with the WOGB Council.
Speaker   and his deputies automatically become members of execu­tive committee of the Second Chamber and members of the WOGB Council.
The number of the members of the Second Chamber, heads and employees of pressure groups may be unlimited and consist of the repre­sentatives from one country. The most important for each of these people is to be in their own field from the intellectual and organization sides the best in the world.



Members of the Second Chamber should be members of CSC Council, heads of pressure groups.
To the members of the Second Chamber from each pressure group (besides the head) are recommended 7-21 people,-the amount depends on the importance and volume of the problematic issue.
The pressure group should be lead by someone, who is a won­derful organizer and at the same time he likes the appropriate direc­tion of science. He is to assure unproblematic, serene activities of everybody, working in science.
In each pressure group there should exist an appropriate scien­tists' Council lead by a person, who is an excellent leader in the direction this pressure group works.
Correspondingly, the best sci­entists and people with natural gifts are also included to this scientific centre. The number of members belonging to scien­tists' Council is determined by the government of the appropri­ate pressure group.
The main function of execu­tive committee of the second Chamber - is the coordination of the CSC Council's activities con­nected with the main common world problems, joint discussions of these problematic issues in different directions in which the pressure groups work, making out a common consent as to the solution of different problems, preparation of specific sugges­tions, what is necessary to take into consideration and fulfill on the planet, and also to prepare them for discussion on the meetings of WOGB Councils and First Chamber.

III. IV. The head of the Council of coordinative scientific centre (CSC) is confirmed on the general meeting of WOGB Council, meet­ings of the First and Second Chambers.
Deputies of the CSC Council's head, managers and employees of the pressure group according to the suggestions of the CSC Council's head are affirmed on the general conference of WOGB Council, executive committee of the Second Chamber.
The CSC Council consists of the head, his six deputies and 36 managers of the pressure groups: 39 people in all.
The deputies are responsible for certain parts of work and their subordination consists of such pressure groups (the structure of gov­erning mechanism is performed on the Scheme No.2)
• The Head - general government;
• The First deputy of the head:
— organization matters, personnel, connection and common intercommunication with the executive committee of the Second Chamber, EOC and WOGB Council government;
— coordination of the activities of people with original thinking, talent, untraditional methods of activities;
• The deputy, dealing with economic matters coordinates the activity of such pressure groups:
— the common currency creation ("Currency")
— social-economic matters ("Economy")
• The deputy, dealing with humanitarian issues, coordinates the activities of such pres­sure groups:
— one language implementation ("One Language")
— peace safeguarding ("Peace")
— weapon liquidation ("Disarmament")
— public opinion prognosis ("Prognosis")
— creation of sole centre for mass media ("Information centre")
— providing everyone with job ("Job")
— coordination  of educational process ("Education")
— Advertisement ("Advertisement")
— Leisure organization ("Leisure")
— Family relationship management ("Family")
• Deputy dealing with science coordi­nates the activities of such pressure groups which work on:
— coordination of medical-scientific direc­tion and searching for "medicines of eternal life" ("Medicine")
— medical-preventing inspection and sports sanitation measures ("Health")
— ecology ("Ecology")
— computerization ("Computer")
— elaboration of governing mecha­nism ("Computer")
— systematization of laws, rules, standards ("Standard")
• Deputy who deals with the space and universe matters, coordinates the activities of pressure groups which work on:
— supplying dietary ("Nutrition")
— provision of dwelling, clothes, trans­port and other necessary things for life ("Provision")
— Building ("Building")
— Organization of transportation on Earth ("Transport")
— Organization of phone and video con­nection ("Phone”)
• Deputy of energetic matters coordinates the activities of pres­sure groups which work on:
— providing energetic ("Energetic")
— supplying water ("Water")
— assimilating oceans, deserts, cold regions, mountains ("Assimilation")
All the pressure groups are engaged in scientific works, connect­ed with human life prolongation, with eternal life. When the elabora­tions, suggestions and ways of their realizations are ready they corre­spondingly should go through such establishments: CSC Council, executive committee of the Second Chamber, WOGB Council. When all these bodies approve them (in the opposite case they send them with argumentation for revision), then the final decision is made on the general meetings of WOGB Council and First Chamber. If the decision of these bodies is positive, then this resolution is obligatory for the execution by all the heads of the countries and for al the planet's residents.The control over the realization, as it was already mentioned, is provided by the representatives of each country from the First Chamber. Of course, the members of the First Chamber, who deal with organization of work in their own countries in different directions of solving the human life prolongation problem, constantly consult with the governing body and employees of CSC Council and pressure groups.

III. V. Main manager of EOC is affirmed on WOGB Council and on the meeting of First and Second Chambers.
The directors and all the other employees are affirmed on the WOGB Council.
The main manager of the EOC and four of his directors automat­ically become a part of the WOGB Council.
Directors are responsible for such fields of work and such depart­ments belong to their subordinations (Scheme No.3):

  1. Manager, dealing with economic matters solves all the finan­cial problems, connected with the activities of the WOGB structures.

This is a concentration of receipt, wages payment, costs pay­ment, total financing of WOGB structures, payments, needed for the solution of all the social and life problems of WOGB employees, coor­dination of our bank's activities and many others.

  1. First deputy of organization-executive Director works on per­sonnel matters, management of all documents, deals with preparation of meetings, conferences, councils, manages the control over the made decisions' execution and many others.
  2. Manager of humanitarian matters solves all the problems, raised in this field, he is engaged in organization of mass media coor­dination, advertisement activities of all WOGB structures and others.
  3. Head, working on social-life problems solves the questions, concerning the social and life provision for all the WOGB employees on world level, works on every economic matters, building, transport, communication, computeriza­tion.

If someone does not meet his functional duties, then the WOGB, according to the EOC government's suggestion fires him.
The main task of EOC centre - is to provide the activ­ities of all the WOGB structures (WOGB   Council,   First and Second     Chambers, CSC Council,   all   the pressure groups) in all the mentioned above directions and problems which  appear everyday and may appear in future.

III. VI. Primary organization measures.
Thus begins to act officially the whole structure of WOGB mechanism (the title can be changed) which is responsible from this moment for the coordination and management of all the countries in the world, concerning the issues of human life prolongation - eternal life.
It is important to notice, that* WOGB is not entitled to interfere into personnel, political, religious, ideologi­cal spheres in any country in the world. At the same time all the WOGB deci­sions, connected with the problems of human life prolongation are obligatory for the execution by the governments in all the countries of the world.
The decision is considered, confirmed and is to be done by all the states, existing on the planet by total support of WOGB Council and First Chamber members (in separate case by the majority). There is not and cannot be other variant.
It is important, while forming the WOGB, to think over in what place and country the premises with all the needed conditions for its employees should be situated (and this might be a whole town); i.e. a place, where all the employees would work and live. I consider, that basically they should work close to each other. Speaking more pre­cisely, it should be a town, where all the governing bodies and all the "pressure groups and services would be situated.
Only the First Chamber members would be located in this town for 3-4 months, because, as it is known, each of them will spend 8-9 months in their own country and the rest will be settled here.
Mainly, employees of the initiative groups live in this town, but in the case, if a branch office is needed, each of them will be situated in different places of the planet.
Undoubtedly, a scientist, person with natural gifts, likes to work in a place he got used to, or, perhaps, the climate is more suitable for him, etc.,(certainly the efficiency will be higher), so it is necessary to create all the suitable conditions for work. Material, social, life, eco­nomic provision of people, who work with human life prolongation should be of a world level. These people should not have private prob­lems. Their energy must absolutely be directed only to the solution of human life prolongation, of eternal life. To my mind the centre of WOGB location should be either in Switzerland or Canada or in Transcarpathia (Ukraine). Of course, this is not an ultimatum, the sci­entists are to express their opinion, who is to determine the place on Earth where the climate is more suitable for mental work..
This matter has to be solved the usual way - by voting of WOGB government. Immediately after the WOGB formation it's necessary to work out its economic and financial maintenance.
Three main sources should exist of which the finance would come in.
First of all - governments of all states have to determine the com­pulsory amount of deductions from the national incomes or out of the amount of the residents, living in a certain country, or according to the criteria determined by WOGB and First Chamber by means of voting.
This money from each country should be transferred onto only    created accoun No.21171307 yearly in obli­gatory order.
Secondly, these are voluntarily donations from enterprises, com­panies, firms, establish­ments, any other organi­zations.
Thirdly,— these are voluntarily donations from the people individu­ally and from the families, groups of people, too.
Taking into account, that most of the people want the most quick solution of the human life prolonga­tion problem (and this depends to a large degree on timely and total financing) I believe that in the shortest term considerable financial investment should come in. I have no doubt that there will be no prob­lem in economic support.
Undoubtedly, while organizing this work, everybody is interested: "When, at least approximately, will be solved the matter of eternal life". I think everybody will agree that today to answer this question practi­cally or at least approximately is impossible. In the case of appropri­ate concurrence of circumstances (operative solution of organizations and finance, united effort of scientists, appearance of people with new ideas, so on) this can happen on the begin­ning of 3d millennium, perhaps, in 300-400 years, perhaps in 1000. But, in any case, we should think not only of our­selves, but of children, grand­children, great-grandchildren and in whole - about the future of generation. No matter how long it would take till this issue is solved, it should be solved undoubtedly. I am absolutely sure in this. Based on intuition, I have a feeling, that the question of considerable prolongation is to be solved in 2007-2017.
As it was already mentioned, there should be formed pressure groups, attached to WOGB which have to concentrate their attention on scientific research, bounding onto which work out a project of a certain problem solution, work organization and also control over its execution till the final result. To be more precise -till the positive solution of given matter.
Thirdly I point out that these initiative groups should consist of the best businessmen, organizers, leaders, best representatives of world intellect, scientists. What concerns the organization it should be done by the best businessmen, organizers, leaders and managers.
It is extremely important for the governing bodies of the countries and for other WOGB structures to recommend really the best people of their states and in no case to be lead by mercantile intentions.

IV. What pressure groups should be created
and what problems they should work on?

  1. It is necessary to solve the problem of one language for the people of all countries, nations. This way the experts should define which language is the most easy to master and learn (I suggest that it could be English or Esperanto).The substantial majority of the peo­ple already speak English and Esperanto is created on purpose for this aim. After WOGB and First Chamber decision, concerning main language, manuals are worked out by scientists of pressure groups for teaching different types of population (depending on age, nationality, so on), pedagogic personnel is pre­pared for all the countries and correspondingly, in due time a universal compulsory education is to be provided.

In every country the educa­tional process in the educational establishments remains without modifications, only classes of given language are added to. Programs for the grown-ups are worked out separately. All the people of the world should read, write, speak this language; and the WOGB structures are to conduct all the meetings, confer­ences, speak with each other and with the representatives of the countries on this language. In store radio, television, press and other means of mass media of WOGB use this one world language.
It also concerns computers, programming and other means of electronic and figure conversation. For this purpose, a pressure group for providing one language for all countries of the world is created under the title "One language".

  1. One of the most important pressure groups is the one, that deals with medical-scientific work, on the result of which depends almost everything. For the solution of human life prolongation task this is the main and, undoubtedly the most difficult line, since it has to find the "medicine of eternal life".

It is understandable, that this group consists of the most eminent scientists in s the field of medicine and scientists ) which are close to it. Their main goal is the human life prolongation.
There are plenty of investiga­tions carried out in this field in the world. Of course, it is necessary to go on with them, but simultaneously to seek for new, non-standard, perhaps, even illogical ways of this problem solution. I consider, it is very important to enlist into this case scientists from other fields of science, who are racking their brains over this problem for tens of years. It seems to me, that the solution of this matter will be found absolutely by chance - by someone with illogic thinking. One thing but is for sure: all the hypotheses and original ideas in the given direction should be deeply examined by the best intellect in the world. In this direction we are not to stop even for a sec­ond!
For realization of this aim a pressure group called "Medicine" is created.
I am offering my childish (1967) hypothesis concerning the ways of searching for "eternal life medicines".
For ages scientists from different countries tried to find "medicines of eternal life". To my mind, medicines, as such, do not exist and will not exist, but there should be created a scientific pro­cess, with the help of which life could be prolonged for hundreds of years.
One of my suggestions is stated below (undoubtedly, it is fanta­sy, but I believe in it).
As it is known, all the constituent parts of the body make their function under the influence of nervous cells, considerable part of which meets in two places: between ear and eye on both right and left sides (picture 1).lt is being known, that while a man gets older, the cells begin to die off, he or she begins to hear and see worse, the teeth are coming out, etc., as a reason of shortage of blood rush to the organs and correspond­ingly to the nutritious. Process of blood circula­tion is directed by ner­vous system, therefore nerves are guarantee of obedient acts of the body.
Approximately to the age of 25-29 the human body develops! physically, i.e. feels better (of course, under the condition that has no chronic diseases). During this period the nutritious are distributed in the organism regularly, in time and in required amount, according to the order of ner­vous cells; but with time certain organs of body begin to work worse (usually after the age of 40).What is here the sense? The nervous cells give orders in completely different ways (as they get older).
As it was mentioned above, the centre of nerves' concentration is situated in two places - between ear and eye both on the left and right sides. To my mind the nerve of youth is situated on the right side, and that of old age on the left (Pic. 2); if this is a left-handed person then it works vice versa.
To the age of 25-29 the human body is directed by the nerve of youth, but already during these years, under the influence of the nerve of old age it starts to fail (Pic. 3). Both nerves coexist 50-80 years and fight with each other. Which nerve is dominating - that way the man feels. If the nerve of youth dominates - then a person feels consider­ably better, if the other nerve dominates - than he feels much worse and is often ill. Finally, the older the man becomes, the more the nerve of old age takes the initiative and when the nerve of youth can take the resistance no more and quits its existence - comes the death.
The nerve of old age dies together with the body. I consider, that the scientists will find the nerve of old age and destroy it for at least tens or hundreds of years, or forever, then a man would live much longer. To destroy the nerve of old age is better from the age of 15 till 25. Though this process is quite practical for older generation, too, i.e. for those who are older than 30. The place, where, according to my consideration the nerve is situated, I've already indicated. On the Pic.3 the diagram of these nerves' coexis­tence is shown.
Undoubtedly,   today   I also believe in these hypotheses or fanta­sy, especially in the fact, that very much, if not everything in this case depend on nervous cells.
3. Interference into the social-economic matters from WOGB is prohibited But on the other side it is important to take into account that all the countries should dynamically and first of all economically develop.
If there is no income, than there will be no potential and financial opportunity to effectively solve the problem of eternal life in time. This is why a pressure group should exist dealing with coordina­tion of social-economic development, called "Economy". For the solu­tion of these matters, especially in the countries which are middle or weakly developed, is necessary to use benevolent form with certain organizations, economic and methodic suggestions which would be used only in the case that the governing bodies of certain states want it to.
Undoubtedly,   today   I also believe in these hypotheses or fanta­sy, especially in the fact, that very much, if not everything in this case depend on nervous cells.
3. Interference into the social-economic matters from WOGB is prohibited But on the other side it is important to take into account that all the countries should dynamically and first of all economically develop.
If there is no income, than there will be no potential and financial opportunity to effectively solve the problem of eternal life in time. This is why a pressure group should exist dealing with coordina­tion of social-economic development, called "Economy". For the solu­tion of these matters, especially in the countries which are middle or weakly developed, is necessary to use benevolent form with certain organizations, economic and methodic suggestions which would be used only in the case that the governing bodies of certain states want it to.
Under the total voting of WOGB Council and First Chamber members the recommended economic organizations are obligatory for execution.

4.It is also necessary to create a pressure group, which would be engaged in safeguarding of peace on Earth, called "Peace". I assume that UNO can go on with this issue. However, it is necessary to change to a certain extend its organization structure. In any case the task still remains very important - timely diplomatic solution of regional and international conflicts, between countries, blocs and regions.

5.There is a necessity of creating a pressure group which, on the initial stage would deal with the matter of reduction and in future - liquidation of atomic armaments, its non-admission into space. It is indis­pensable to point out that this prob­lem is to be solved as fast as possi­ble, and to use the atomic reserve with peaceful aims.

6.Important matter - solution of population growth on Earth; with this aim a pressure group "Birthrate" is to be created. The idea is, that this group is to prog­noses a practical population growth in every country for the period of at least 300-400 years and  for  further perspective. Recommendations of the means of needed birthrate achievement are devised for each country. These recommendations are to be based on the information, received from the other pressure groups which must give previous analyses for last years: how much of the population it is possible to nourish, supply with dwelling, energetic, clothes, water, job, etc.

It is also important to think over the perspective settling of other planets. Today it's necessary to solve the birthrate problem and the population number in China, Japan, Korea, Indochina, India and in other densely populated countries of the world. Briefly, there should be a specific scientific-analytical program for population growth on Earth, where the defined regions would be populat­ed by the habitants of different countries voluntarily. Perhaps, it will become real for each family to have one child (it doesn't concern twins), though it is also disputable. Anyway, for controlling the birthrate and distribution of people to habitations on Earth and in future on other planets, a deep analysis, scientific prognosis and constant mutual coor­dination with the other pressure if groups is needed.

7. If to consider, that in store we will be able to prolong the, human life, then the health of the people will have considerably more meaning. Of course, for the coordi­nation of this work a pressure group, called "Health" is to be formed which the main attention should  pay to the preventive inspections. Disease is to be killed before its appearance, i.e. it is neces­sary to prevent chronic and other ill nesses in the body, AIDS also.
Simultaneously this group must have such directions:
First - liquidation by traditional methods;
Second - work out a physical-sanitation exercises for different categories of the population: everybody must do physical exercises everyday, to be constantly moving;
Third - it is a scientific work, elaborated to fight the diseases, against which we are helpless, yet, and also searches for the newest methods of treatment.
It is also understandable, that this group is to coordinate its work j for liquidation of such bad habits, as drug addition, smoking, alcohol abuse and many others.
It also consists of a complex of measures of psychiatric treatment, together with the persons, who are inclined to crimes. We must under­stand one thing - under eternal life all the habitants on Earth (or prevail­ing majority) should be healthy in all the relations. By the way, much of the mentioned above must be solved by means of persuasions, change of psychology and ways of upbringing. I consider that this problem is not solved yet even in the most developed civilizations of the Universe.
8. It is clear, that if the human life is prolonged (people will not die or will die considerably less) after certain period of time (300-400 years) Earth will not be able to provide everybody with all the necessities: nutrition, water, energetic and so on. This is why it is necessary to create a pressure group, called "Settling", which would work on the matters of settling into other planets and Universe on whole. I am absolutely sure that in future it will be possible to do so.
The task of this group is to study the possibilities of life on other planets and the perspectives of its settling.
My childish hypothesis-fantasy (1967) is shown on the Pic.4, where schematically are demonstrated the foreseen ways of settling people. Of course there are many conditionality and fantasy which I can also refute though I want to emphasize that in basic positions I am absolutely sure. I am sure that other planets should also be settled (may be not in such order) and on some of them there also exists life, perhaps, in our Galaxy, too.




9. To provide the settling of people, to transport the load to other planets, to study the life conditions on other space bodies of Universe - a pressure group called "Space" should work.
It is important to notice, that much in this field is already being done by some countries in the world. The question is about the most modern techniques. I mean mastering space by scientific groups, first of all from the USA, Russia and other countries.
Exactly on the base of the scientists' intellect from these coun­tries should be formed a pressure group working on the solution of this given problem. In the shortest term there should be created a mobile space technique on Earth, with the help of which we would be able to transport any important loads, habitants of the planet, orbital stations, scientific space centers and many others.
10.There should be formed a separate pressure group, called "Universe" which would look for connections with either beings of Galaxy, with other civilizations.
In any case, be based on the information received earlier and which is practically still receiving from different corners of Earth, telling about certain contacts with aliens and their flying objects, so that to certain extent we have lines of practical materials, which are important to use for investigation in given group, to study them in details and to make scientific conclusions. To set contact with them the earlier, the better (if they, of course want to) - is the main task of this group.

11. To have always the possibility to be aware of the problems on; the planet, to know the situation well, people's thoughts, their inten­tions, what is the most important for them, undoubtedly, there should exist a group, called "Prognosis" which studies, forms, prognoses the public opinion. It is not a secret for anybody, that to achieve the set task we are able only in the case, that, while looking into the future we\ will know, what processes are happening in the world and corre­spondingly take them into account.

12. To provide people with nourishment (and this task with time is getting more complicated), for the organization of the complete sys­tem of governing the agricultural processes, maximum reservation of the already grown agricultural production, to produce processing industry, optimum distribution among the population - a pressure group should be formed, called "Nourishment".

13. One of the most complicated task will be, probably, the solu­tion of the problem of energetic. For this very reason, there should be worked out on scientific base a world system of energy supply for all the people and objects of the planet.

It is indispensable to overanalyze all \ the available reservations of raw materials, ' connected with energetic: oil, gas, coal, uranium and many others.
Taking into consideration these reser­vations we are to think over, according to which most modern technology to use, them, where to build other energetic sta­tions, which to liquidate for being ineffec­tive or dangerous for the people. Of course, in such case the newest projects should be used with 100 percent of guarantee from any damage.  Here we cannot grunge the finances.
At the same time the scientists of this group must work on maximum use of natural resources: water, sun, wind and others. The third direction is extremely important - it is the search for the new technology. For this purpose there should exist a pressure group, called "Energetic" which would work on the solution of the problem of energetic.

14. Similarly to the problem of energetic very complicated hap­pens to be the problem of water supply, both nowadays and in future. To prevent the raise of this problem, to have all the questions timely over thought on scientific ground, undoubtedly, there should work a pressure group, called "Water".

15.Considering about all the countries in whole, the problem of load and people transporting, many other transport problems are solving quite weakly today. While passing on the solution of eternal life prob­lem in complex, at the time when there is the necessity to transport both people and load much faster on substantially longer distances,- a pressure group, called "Transport" should be created. It is important now to think about the transport which would be used on the other planets.

16.Besides the existing radio, television systems for operative information provision for the people of Earth it is necessary to elabo­rate a new system with a sole centre for the solution of this problem. The question is about a sole radio and television with non-stop separate programs, that in store would appear in ether on the very language confirmed for everybody, so that everyone in the world would j be able to see and to hear these programs. The main task of these! programs would be the mobilization of people for the solution of eter­nal life problem, giving information about the WOGB activities, what is indispensable to apply in each country, psychologically to prepare everybody for creative work and many others. It also concerns news­papers and magazines. Coordination is made by the "Centre of Information".

17.There should be solved the matter of one phone-televisions-video centre.

There is to be worked out a connection system, so that each habitant of Earth could conduct negotiations with whoever wherever and in future this connection is to be video, i.e. with parallel repre­sentation. For this work there should exist a pressure group, called "Phone communication".

18. There must, without doubt, work a pressure group, called "Financial provision" with the coordination of practical execution of this question, of scientific prognosis and providing everyone with dwelling, clothes, car, domestic equipment and other goods which are of prima­ry importance for life.

19. A pressure group, called "Advertisement" attached to WOGB must exist, in the subordination of which is to function polygraph basis, industrial complexes, where books, booklets, polygraph advertise­ments, souvenirs, disks, video and audio cassettes, slides and many other things necessary for advertisement would be produced.

Everything, that will be produced here should contribute to expla­nation and study of those matters, that are to be solved by WOGB for the prolongation of human life.
20. People must be ready to meet attacks from beings, coming from other planets of the Universe. It is better to be prepared, than to be scared. Of course, I hope that this will not happen, but every­thing is possible. This is why the question about uniting people's efforts, scientific potential for the, problem of opposition remains! ii urgent.
In any case, in the future there should exist a pressure group, called "Defense" for elabo­ration of program and its realiza­tion (concerning the matters of Earth defense, its population from different cataclysms, earth­quakes, hurricanes, floods, unex­pected dangers from other planets.
21. A complicated problem is the question of ecology. To solve this problem on modern level we will have to invest a fantastic sum of money. It considerably concerns the erosion of atmosphere. But there is no other way out! Looking to the close future we'll see that we can live only on an absolutely clear planet. For the solution of these problems complexly a pressure group, called "Ecology" should work.
22. It is understandable, while working on these problems, there |must be a sole currency for all the people, establishments, firms and other organizations. Preliminarily own currency is allowed in each country separately. The pressure group "Currency" is to deal with this issue.
23. As mentioned above, the growth of the population will extremely increase, so for settling and living there arises a need in new areas. For assimilation of oceans, deserts, cold regions, mountains and other places, unsettled at present time or settled by a small amount of people,- it is necessary to form a pressure group, called "Assimilation" which would study the possibilities of mastering them, making suitable conditions for living and in future for settling.
24.          For enrichment the WOGB and Earth at all it is very important for all the people to work in a highly productive way and bring incomes both for them­selves, and for their companies, organizations and correspondingly a certain sum of money will be spent for the solution of mentioned problems. To achieve this, i.e. to provide the majority with job, it is necessary to form a pressure group "Job" which would coordinate and concretely direct this process.
25. For the solution of these complicated problems it is very important to have a high intellectual potential, so that the middle level of intellect year by year would grow, the education process would be worked out for preparing high­ly qualified personnel - both employ­ees and middle governing line, direc­tors and scientists, etc. Thus, a pressure group "Education" is to be formed which together with the other pressure groups makes prog­noses concerning the necessity of the corresponding categories of population for different kinds of work, coordinates the preparation of teaching manuals and teachers to make next generation intellectually prepared (each on his work place) for those complex tasks we want to solve.
26. I consider, that, while work­ing on the matter of computerization by now we have really passed ahead the time and have achieved extremely great success. It is so, first of all, owing to American scien­tists, in particular to Mr. Bill Gates and his company "Microsoft", who has achieved really high success in this field. But we can't stop on the achieved. We have to form a pres­sure group "Computer" which would work out a sole system of intercom­munication between all the comput­ers, a sole program of measures of computerization which is necessary in the world, and which would carry out the education. Every resident of the planet should master the com­puter and know how to use the "Internet".
There should be carried out a greatest work on creation of the most modern computers for valuable WOGB activities and especially for the pressure groups which would have to solve 32 global problems, connected with the human life prolongation. Already now the scientists have to take into account the possibilities of works with computers in; Galaxy.
27. There are a lot of people with natural gifts, with original ideas, with the abilities not characteristic for the majority of population, with non-traditional thinking, who "create magic". World knows about some of them, but almost nobody knows about the main majority. And there are much of such, who during tens of years live with their ideas, can't push them, everybody looks at them as if they were insane. I consid­er, that it is necessary to let these people show what they worth, we have to see what they are capable for, what they want, give them total opportunity for displaying their abilities and include them to those pres­sure groups which work on this problem. To coordinate this work has the pressure group, called "Native talent".

28. The interrelations in family, probably, will, to some extent have its specific character, its peculiarity while solving the given prob­lem. It is already the time for the scientists to make prognoses, how to foresee this problem and how to solve it. With this purpose there should work a pressure group, called "Family".

29. Independently if it is a state or enterprise, or education estab­lishment - the base of its activities is the created governing mecha­nism. If this mechanism is perfect, then, correspondingly, this very organization, enterprise, state achieves high positive results in all the directions, if not, then it works vice versa. i.e. it depends extremely much on the governing mechanism - productivity and quality, opening the scientific potential, creativity, birth of new ideas, financial state, and many others. I think it's necessary to form a pressure group, called "Governing Mechanism", which would be engaged in creation of governing mechanism for all the WOGB structures and for those coun­tries, enterprises, establishments which are also in need of this; on the other hand this group would work on the division of governing mecha­nism of future.

30. Under the WOGB activities in different directions there would always arise a question about sole rules or laws concerning a certain problem in one standard in all countries. For the solution of this very problem it is indispensable to create a pressure group "Standard".

31.Undoubtedly, all the WOGB acts now and in the future always will be connected with building different objects (from houses for employees and residents of Earth to the most modern huge objects). Taking into account all the problematic matters mentioned above, it is time to form a pressure group "Building" which would work on projects and organizations of building at present time and for the future. It is necessary also to consider the settlement onto other planets.

32.Every habitant of our planet has 2-6 hours of spare time daily (besides Saturday and Sunday, when, of course, there is much more of it). Everybody is doing in his free time what he likes to do. For this very purpose, I suppose, has to work a pressure group, called "Leisure" which is to deal with the problems of organization of rational leisure of the people and enriching their intellectual level. Its function includes the provision of a universal system of leisure for the people of the world. These measures should be hold in entertaining, recreative manner and at the same time they are to rise the intellectual level of those present. The complete governing mechanism of this structure was devised in 1977 underlie title "Mechanism of directing intellect in free time". Three structures are to be formed:

- first - "A universal structure of leisure organization" which provides leisure for all the people in all directions independently of inter­ests, including sports - amateur level;
- second - "System of training sportsmen of high level - profes­sional sport;
- third - "System of preparing the creative stuff', i.e. profession­als in the sphere of culture (artists, singers, writers, actors and many others).
They all are coordinated by the pressure group "Leisure" (Scheme No.4). If we solve the mentioned above problems, then the eternal life will be, I hope nobody doubts it!



Scheme No.4
Structure of governing mechanism
of the pressure group, that organizes leisure

P.S. The picture "Eternal life" was created at the same time with some of the thoughts, described in this conception in 1967. (See back inside of the cover). To my mind it reflects to some extent the evolu­tion of development of Earth from 1967 to 2047.    



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