Creation of the global center “LIISET”


Idea № 2

Idea - Project

"Creation of the global center “LIISET” where interested parties can participate in deciding of the problem on the significant
extension of human life"

All applicants are invited to cooperate in the realization and implementation of all that contained in the concept of “Eternal life will be”.
The question is about organizers of managers who wish to engage in organizational work on establishment of the model of management of “the Single world governing body”, scientists of all fields of medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, physics, ecology, psychology, sociology, gerontology, technology, informatics, economy, mathematics, futurology and many other, scientific works of which are directly related to resolving problems of life extension in 32 problematic issues in the “Concept”, about talents that have worked for years dealing with the issue of human life extension, about business leaders (firms, corporations, etc.), production of which is also related to this subject. The same applies to all intellectuals for whom this issue is close.
Here are a short list of issues which must be resolved: environmental issues, protection of Earth from the attacks of the other civilizations, various natural disasters, creating of a single world standard in all directions, creation of a group that would deal with the establishment of modern mechanisms of control structures for all countries and to work on creation of future management model, one language, finding the scientific process through which the problem of life without aging will be resolved, a significant extension of life, all countries will have the dynamic socio-economically development, to solve the problem of peace, disarmament, on a scientific basis to solve problem of population growth and future settlement on other planets, prophylaxis of human health and their treatment, issue of super-modern vehicles on Earth and interplanetary communications, a research center on communication with other civilizations, scientific forecasting of all activities of mankind solving energy issues, water supply , food, apartment, household items, transportation and other necessary things for a normal life on the Earth, creation of Single Media Center (press, radio, television, internet, etc.), information in one language for all inhabitants of the planet, creation of a single telephone and TV-video center, single currency for all, to provide jobs for all, group, which deals with settlement of oceans, deserts, cold regions, mountains and residence, manufacturing of promotional products in one language: print, video, CDs, souvenirs and many other, creation of a new model of studying for all categories of people, full computerization of all and everywhere, creation of a group of prediction of a new family relations and their solutions, full support and maximum use of non-traditional-minded people, healers, who “Perform miracles” have original ideas, initiative group activities, which would be engaged in designing and modernization of the construction of the day, future and for settling of other planets of the universe to solve the problem of leisure earthman, and much more.
If someone is interested, please fill in the form (Appendix № 1, № 2) and send it by post: 90202, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Beregovo, 60 Rozhoshkert St., tel./fax: (03141) 2-30-25, (03141) 2-40-07, cell: 050-539-96-97, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
It must be absolutely voluntary decision, and it should be a great desire to deal with problems of the human life extension.
There will be a meeting with people who wish to deal with these issues where will be created a new legal structure that will be called conventionally “The World Center “LIISET”.
During the first meeting a model of its activities will be discussed, main directions of work, will be resolved first organizational and personnel matters.
The term of this meeting will be announced personally, the place and time will be approved with everyone.

Form for those who are interested to work on the human life extension problems Download!

Short information on your own intellectual achievements, matters on which you are working and other that author has a wish to inform.- Download!

Completed application forms and send the request:
in electronic form:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
in printed form:
90202, Ukraine
Transcarpathian region,
Beregovo Rozhoshkert str.,60

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