Creating of supermodern city with the international infrastructure “Unlowo” in Transcarpathian region in Ukraine


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"Creating of supermodern city with the international infrastructure “Unlowo” in Transcarpathian region in Ukraine"

The proposal for organizing and building of supermodern city with the international infrastructure “Unlowo” (Universally loved woman) in the Transcarpathian region in Ukraine.
According to the preliminary general mapping plan.
It means that habitants of cities, towns and villages in these areas absolutely will not feel any discomfort and inconveniences due to its building; on the contrary it is an opportunity to improve there own infrastructure and settlement for private investments, also will receive an great number of opportunities to be hired on jobs for good wages, and practically will be near supermodern world leisure facilities, entertainment, commerce.
1. Creation of supermodern city “Unlowo” with international infrastructure developed for the concept completely dedicated to women, their problems, views, entertainment, and pleasure, literally all of their needs.
2. Creation of the international center “LIISET” to resolve problems of significant human life extension.
3. Creation of health and medical clinics for children called “ETLIWIBE”.
4. Creation of sport centers for the Winter Olympic Games with the name “Vizhy- 3000”.
All of these towns, “LIISET”, “ETLIWIBE”, “Vizhy – 3000” will be included in the infrastructure of the city of future “Unlowo”.
1. To concentrate in one city on the planet all most modern, brand new, prototype with supermodern infrastructure, which would satisfy literally all requests of women. Give them an opportunity, regardless of age, nationality, religion, physical and other data, to demonstrate there unique women potential possibilities to satisfy there spiritual needs in form of entertainment, to enjoy the peerless charming women and all they are interested in, and are a concomitant to satisfy their interests.
2. Concentrate in one place of the Planet the entire infrastructure. Intellectual, scientific and research institutes, laboratories, and everything else for the organization and creation of all opportunities for solving problems of significant human life extension on the Planet.
3. Concentrate in one place of the world with beneficial, healthy area, beautiful nature and climate, air, lots of medicinal mineral waters, a health and medical clinic, where would have to pass a treatment, rehabilitation the very seriously ill children around the world.
4. Build, almost in the center of Europe, a sport center with appropriate infrastructure for year-round trainings of athletes of all ages in all winter sport competitions, opportunities for international contests, championship, World Olympic games and all winter sports, to create opportunities for regular recreation, various sport trainings for the great mass of people around the world.
City Unlowo as was mentioned consists of four separate towns. These are:
1. Main town - Unlowo that will consists of huge blocks:
a) airport, bus station, railway station
b) office buildings, architectural center, media center (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, Internet Center etc.), Computer Center. Bank, Main Intellectual center of the planet.
c) service complex (hotels, restaurants, casinos, bars, cafes) all related with trade and hotel complexes, spa rehabilitation institutions for children, women and others. Beauty complexes for pregnant women, jewelry center, tourist center, guide center, complex “Anne-Marie and Marie-Anne” (free and romantic love), ceremonial center, wedding center, Planet star park.
d) Entertainment facilities: stadium, track, circus, sports complex, Gala concert and cultural complex, complex for fashion shows, sports facilities for golf, tennis; studio, home cinema, variety of museums (the most famous woman of the world, pop stars, Guinness , wax figures, world fashion (from ancient times till today), water sports complex, complex for the presentation of international prizes: “Vizhy – 3000”, “ETLIWIBE”, “Carpathian Bear”, “Unlowo”, “LIISET”; complex for exhibitions of various animals, intellectual center of entertainment for people of different age (babies, children, youths, young, middle-generation, mature generation), center for collectors, museum and exhibition center for fine and applied arts, photo center, video center.
e) large perception and entertainment facilities: zoo, botanic and greenhouse center, Disneyland, hippodrome (all kinds of equestrian sports and recreation), construction of thermal waters, complex with fountain illumination, aqua-park, ice palace, ocean-water aquarium.
f) cemetery (separately for men and animals)
g) churches for all faiths
h) industrial center: enterprises for the production of milk, meat, fish, wood gifts, honey, vegetables, fruits, food, mineral water, soft drinks; companies for manufacture of alcoholic beverages: wine, liquor, vodka, brandy, champagne. Printing center, center for the manufacture of CDs, DVD, cassettes, video cassettes, various promotional souvenirs, TV-radio Center
i) Creativity Center for talented people.
In the heart of supermodern city “Unlowo” will be build a monument “Unlowo” (see photo), the copy of sculpture (made in 1982) with its height of 130 meters made by the famous world artist Anna Horvath.
The second part of the city “Unlowo” will allocate to representatives of all countries, companies, corporations, foundations and others who voluntarily want and are able, on the elected territory, to recreate in small all that they believe is most valuable in there country, region, city. It can be historical monuments, famous places, objects, etc.
So this part of the city “Unlowo” will display in the small all that are valuable on the Planet.
Land will be divided by continents of Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Representatives of each country which desired and are able to recreate those miracles of their countries that they think are necessary. Of course, each country or its wealthiest people invest their own money and after everything will be completed they will receive its own profit.
One of the big countries (Russia, USA, China, India, Italy, England, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, Brazil, and Argentina) if desired, may recreate more of the world’s famous objects.
Considering that the city will be built in Ukraine, each of the 25 regions can also build all valuable objects.
Thus, in this city each can clearly see all in small that are most interesting, historical on the Planet, and all that are the pride of Ukraine.
On the other hand, women, children, and also men can get a full range of leisure, which is the most modern in the world.
Basically, these objects will be built on the flat part of Transcarpathia.
2. Town “Unlowo” an international center for solving problems of significant human life extension where it is necessary to build:
- modern center for the management of a “World’s Single Governing Body” (halls for meetings of the First and Second Houses, room for regular work of members of these Houses, apartments for them and the entire infrastructure for their activities).
- office center for work of Coordinating Council of Science Center, offices for a regular work of members of the council, apartments for them and the entire infrastructure for their activities, as well as for each of about 50 trends in solving problems of significant human life extension and fundamental sciences, research centers and laboratories, or other appropriate that is necessary.
- office complex for the Organizational Executive Government Center, offices for regular work of employees of the center, apartments for them and the entire infrastructure for their activities.
Basically, all these objects will be built for scientists in the most favorable natural and climatic conditions in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.
3. Town “ETLIWIBE” it’s a health and medical clinic for children, where all seriously ill children from around the world will be treated.
Here will be built huge medical complexes, with modern medical equipment, full maintenance of medications, and children will be treated by the best pediatrician of the planet.
For medical and service staff it should be built a European-level apartments and infrastructure for the entire stay and rest.
Basically, all these objects will be built in the Carpathian mountains, in the most favorable natural and climatic conditions for the rehabilitation of children.
4. Town “Vizhy – 3000” - a sports center for the Olympic Winter Games.
It will be built world-class sport facilities for holding international competitions including the Olympic Games in such sports: hockey, figure skating, skating, skiing, ski race, ski jump, sledge, skeleton, snowboarding, freestyle, short track.
There will be trained professionals of the international level: coaches, managers, doctors, masseurs, judges and other appropriate personnel should fully meet all aspects of activities for the sports center. And of course these people should be provided with apartments and all favorable conditions for work, residence and recreation.
There has to be built the entire infrastructure for the vital function of this town.
Of course all these objects will be built in ideal climatic conditions for execution of contests of various winter sports in the Mizhhirya and Volovetc in the Carpathian mountains.
This summarized information on the idea of building of the supermodern city “Unlowo”.
Interested leaders of the various continents, representatives of organizations, institutions, research institutions, corporations, firms, companies, associations and other financial groups, individuals personally who intellectually or financially, materially are interested in implementing these ideas, and willing directly to take part in the construction of this city, please fill out the form №1 and send to: 90202, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Beregovo, 60 Rozhoshkert St.,  tel./fax.: (03141) 2-30-25, tel.: (03141) 2-40-07, 050-539-96-97, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Form for those who are interested in participation in different directions of the “Unlowo”” - Download!

Completed application forms and send the request:
in electronic form:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
in printed form:
90202, Ukraine
Transcarpathian region,
Beregovo Rozhoshkert str.,60

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