Organization and holding of the project “Children’s fairytale hero “LIISET”


Idea № 6

Idea - Project

"Organization and holding of the project “Children’s fairytale hero “LIISET”"

It’s already decades and decades of years that millions of children dream about such a fairytale hero, which is the one kind in the world.
About such a fantastic character, which in any moment, in any place of the world, if necessary, could help to discover thousands of talents, in every corner of our planet, living in very difficult, unfavorable conditions and often they still have many different, not alleged interference in the path of there life.
And indeed, in Transcarpathia, the idea of this fantastic character was arisen, because this land is beautiful, rich Carpathian nature: rapid streams, mountain rivers, deep lakes, meadows and lowlands, foothills and fabulous mountains under the unique landscape, flora and surprisingly diverse animal world. Also, ancient castles, churches, monasteries and historic architecture of different ages, actually are operating in variety of seasons, rich folklore of various nationalities: Ukrainian, Russians, Hungarians, Romanian, Poles, Gypsies, Germans, Slovaks, Jews, Czechs, and others.
Writers and people have written a lot of fairytales, legends, poems, songs etc. And literally every one of their main characters has necessarily characteristics of kindness, willingness to help with extraordinary abilities, which assist in implementation of most cherished dreams.
And when on children’s forum, where gathered children around the world, a common idea appeared, the legend might say, about the fairytale hero.
And then it was written the legend of his birth and played miniature fairy composition about it. (Appendix № 1).
This idea appeared not accidentally - the children's fairytale hero “LIISET”, in which would be absorbed all the best features that all children around the world want to see, and that fabulous hero “LIISET” would unite all good deeds of children, young and adults.
We would like to see it as a folk hero, favorite by all people in the world, regardless of place of residence, nationality, age, race, etc., and to the image of children's fairy-tale hero “LIISET” created by all those who wish and have a penchant for creativity, fantasy, organization and other work.
Therefore, we appeal to anyone interested in revealing this idea-project on our common favorite children’s fairytale hero “LIISET” (Life is eternal!).
Knowing from where this idea was originated, from what legend, what clothes he wears, rod, having its main traits we appeal to everyone interested in the disclosure of the project-idea. All:
- who wants to make a proposal to design clothes for fantastic hero “LIISET” (despite the fact that the design is already created, if someone will offer a better one, it is possible to change it).
- everyone can write variety of scenarios, fairytales, poems, legends, stories about the life of the fabulous hero “LIISET”
- composers, musicians can write a melody to this subject in a various musical genres
- propose additional fabulous characters (name, description, character, appearance, design, etc.)
- possible to set a music and choreographic composition
- specify the place (country, region, specific place) where you would like to place an event.
- define the support of the hero - some kind of animal that would be near “LIISET”
- offer design of souvenirs from “LIISET”
All proposals, creative materials received from you will be considered by a competent professional council.
After the decision of the Council it plans:
- on the best scenario to set serial films about the fairytale “LIISET”
- publish a book (or series of books) with the best fairytales, stories, poems and other works, creations, where the main hero is “LIISET”
- create CDs with the best musical material on this subject
- create various souvenirs of fabulous hero “LIISET”
- organize and hold the election contest for the best staging of fairytales about “LIISET”, and elect the best scripts, directors, actors, main character and other interesting characters, songs, music and choreographic composition, design of clothing etc.
According to the list the winners will be rewarded morally and financially.
Those who wish to participate in organization and conduction of this project please fill out the Appendixes № 2, № 3.
Materials could be in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and for request in other languages.

Description of scenario:

Boy - (14 years) (who found Edelweiss)
Girl - (13 years) (girl in Light green long dress with Crowns, she raises and shows Edelweiss)
Child 1 - (10 years old )
Child 2 - (11 years old)
Child 3 - (12 years old)
Child 4 - (13 years old)
Child 5 - (13 years old)
Child 6 - (12 years old)
LIISET - (the main character, a 12 years old teenager in clothing designed for “LIISET”)
40 children in variety of fabulous costumes

(40 children in the darkness in a variety of fabulous costumes, with musical accompaniment of the Transcarpathian tunes are on stage looking for something)
At this time begins the text of the Host:
But what are they doing? What they are looking for, what they dream? We guess that each fairytale hero dreams of something. And by the legend of our land, every dream come true if somebody finds the symbolic flower of Transcarpathia - Edelweiss. And as we already know, anyone who finds her, touch her can make any wish that certainly will come true.
(Children, after the speech, about a minute look for this Edelweiss.
Suddenly one of the actors exclaims: “Found!” The light slowly turns off, floodlight turns on and aimed at the middle of the stage where the beautiful girl is, like forest dryad, holding in hands the edelweiss flower).
Boy (who found the flower, Edelweiss, appeals to other children) What do we want?
Child 1 I want to be able freely go to any country of the world
Child 2 I want to receive gifts each day
Child 3 And I want to meet with a live Santa Claus
Child 4 I want everybody in all over the planet to be healthy
Child 5 We were happy
Child 6 I want our dreams come true
Boy Lets ask Edelweiss to give us a Wizard
Child 1 Cool. And which he should be?
Child 2 Always with us
Child 3 And that will be our talisman
Child 4 Favorite for all children around the world
Child 5 And let him be dressed brightly, beautiful and unique!
Child 6 And let him held a rod, which will always make wonders and any dream of every child of the planet.
All together Let’s!
(Boy touches the flower Edelweiss. Light for a moment on the stage is turned off. Instead, Girl with Edelweiss disappears, when light is turned on and a new hero appears (bright yellow and blue suite, logo “LISET” is on it, a cap on his head and the rod in his hands) All Children are awfully glad, jump, real ruckus on the stage)
Boy How we call him?
All together “LIISET”! “LIIS-ET”!
Boy Let’s check if “LIISET” is really a wizard, and whether a rod has a magic? So, what do we want?
Gather together. Group stands in front of “LIISET”.
Child 4 “LIISET” help us please. We all want to hold in Transcarpathia, in each district center, every year and in the same time an international festival of youth talents, where to invite the best and talented children from all over the world, it has to be a children’s holiday for all!
Child 1 So we could invite the best children’s theaters!
Child 2 As well as the best choreographic collectives!
Child 3 And the best soloists and vocalists!
Child 4 In any kind of musicians!
Child 5 And representatives of all of other genres!
Child 6 To award the best participants!
Child 7 So these feasts were heard across the world!
Child 8 And from Goverla (the highest point of Ukraine) this festival could be seen to all children around the world.
Child 9 And they will be happy with us! (All were in silent looking at “LIISET”)
LIISET Your dream doable!
(The light turns off. Wizard is waving his rod. Director comes out on the stage and says that this issue was solved)
(On the stage and audience all call out with glad)

APLICATION - Download!
Form - Download!

Completed application forms and send the request:
in electronic form:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
in printed form:
90202, Ukraine
Transcarpathian region,
Beregovo Rozhoshkert str.,60

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