Organization and conduction of the international project “Unlowo” (Universally loved woman)


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Idea - Project

"Organization and conduction of the international
project “Unlowo” (Universally loved woman)"


Considering that we all in the whole Universe should be appreciating in the first, and in the first, and in the first place for all what we have achieved to MOTHER. This we must never forget, and every, every, every moment to thanks her by own deeds.
Certainly, it is clear that the main purpose of every woman on the Earth is a continuation of the human kind. Certainly, there is nothing more important than that.
Of course, men always, wherever they are, constantly, if they consider themselves as real men, they should try to do something nice, always new, very original for all women: mother, wife, loved girl, daughters, granddaughters, colleagues.
And thereby, to make contribution in making happier of all women over the world. Make them smile and gave them a spiritual energy for new, their own known dreams.
Only a human can love. All processes that occurred and are occurring on the Earth held from love, or its complete absence. A love - is the most beautiful state that anyone could not guess.
And it is not accidentally that the idea of “Unlowo” (Universally loved woman) appeared. It is devoted to all women, all their wishes and all that are interested her many-sided spiritual world.
Such concerned in the staging of vizhy-rock “Anne-Marie and Marie-Anne”, where the story tells about the unpredictable love.
The second project about building of a super city of “Unlowo” - also completely devoted to women.
The third project – it is an annual presentation of international prize “LIISET” to the best women of the planet.
Fourth project –beauty contest between girls’ teams from different countries.
Fifth project - an organization and holding of a Euro-Gala, which lasted seven hours, and at which were presented 43 brand new projects and the entire Euro-Gala was dedicated to women, love, “Unlowo” (Universally loved woman).
You can find a concrete project at our web page.
But in this project “Unlowo” we would like more widely and perhaps entirely, to reveal all concerned with a beauty of women, with their only inherent characteristics, with female beauty, and with a great romantic love.
With this aim we constantly held contests, promotions, individual projects, exhibitions, etc., in numerous areas related to the women activities, about them, about organization of new interesting forms of work, activities, implementation of new projects.
In fact under these projects were held various contests - where were outstanding winners, laureates:
- song “Unlowo” (author Valentyna Turto, music by Ivan Babych, performed by Ivan Babych).
- sculpture “Unlowo” (Designed by Zhuzhanna Babych, made by sculptor Anthonina Dorda). This sculpture becomes a copy of an international “Unlowo” prize.
- painting and frame of “Unlowo” (painted by painter Maryna Bilak, Olexandr Hornichar’s frame). Today the painting’s price is 40,000 euros.
- Miss “Unlowo” (best girl on the Planet by the “Vizhy – 3000” board’s opinion is Marina Beleny)
- Top 21 girls on the planet by the “Vizhy – 3000” board’s opinion
- Choreographic composition “Unlowo” (director - Tatyana Borka, choreographer - Anita Medyeshi)
- Laureates of prizes “Unlowo” - Hizella Tsipola - world famous opera singer, Clara Balog - known choreographer, Anzhelika Visich-Pashchenko is the first Miss of Ukraine in 1991, Martha Voloshchuk - one of the best organizers of Ukraine
- 50 top women were awarded with the “Unlowo” commemorative badges
- Erica Kozmey was announced as the best fashion designer
- Olga Matey was awarded for best scenario and director on staging of the song “Unlowo”.

Listed above are holding constantly. So everyone on the planet that enjoys the subject related to the spirituality of women, can participate in contests, actions, and other projects in the following areas:
- Best models
- Best works of fine and applied arts
- The best fashion design
- Best songs
- Best photos
- Best choreographic production
- Best video clips
- Best theatrical stagings
- The best poems, essays, plays, etc.
- Something different on your desire
All applicants must fill out the form Nr.1


Completed application forms and send the request:
in electronic form:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
in printed form:
90202, Ukraine
Transcarpathian region,
Beregovo Rozhoshkert str.,60

Form for those who are interested in participation in different directions of the“Unlowo” -  Download!

Вчорашній іменинник: Мейсарош Олеся Іванівна – працівник управління культури Іршавської районної державної адміністрації, співачка, актор (35 р.)
Завтра день народження справляє: Вовків Маряна Владиславівна – провідний інженер виробничо-технічного відділу Мукачівської філії ПАТ "Закарпат газ", співголова творчого центру міжнародної ради "Віжи-3000", керівник філіалу творчого центру "Віжи-3000", м. Мукачево (33 р.)
Цими днями іменини відзначать:
через 1 день 17.12.2018 Вовків Маряна Владиславівна – провідний інженер виробничо-технічного відділу Мукачівської філії ПАТ "Закарпат газ", співголова творчого центру міжнародної ради "Віжи-3000", керівник філіалу творчого центру "Віжи-3000", м. Мукачево (33 р.)
через 3 дні 19.12.2018 Тарасюк Володимир Юрійович – доцент кафедри журналістики УжНУ, секретар обласної організації національної спілки журналістів України, ведучий телепрограми "Спортивний сектор" телекомпанії Тиса-1 (50 р.)
через 4 дні 20.12.2018 Німець Вікторія Андріївна – менеджер проектів альтернативних та відновлювальних джерел енергії, керівник Ужгородського філіалу творчого центру "Віжи-3000" (27 р.)
через 12 днів 28.12.2018 Митровка Михайло Миколайович – декан Ужгородського факультету Київського національного Університету культури і мистецтв, заслужений працівник культури України, м. Ужгород (79 р.)