Organization and conduction of international Competition "Planets’ Stars Park"


Idea № 8

Idea - Project

"Organization and conduction of international  Competition “Planets’ Stars Park”"


Creation of “Planets’ Stars Park” in one of the most prominent place in Transcarpathia or other boardings from any country where locals frequently rest, guests from the regions of Ukraine and foreign countries to acquaint them through memorable signs with the most famous people of Ukraine, foreign countries who have made significant contributions in various areas of spirituality, economic growth, resoling global problems for inhabitants of the Planet.
Another interesting idea!
Including that for many residents of Transcarpathia, Ukraine, and foreign countries it would be interesting to determine annually the most famous people on the planet who would be awarded by the peoples’ vote from many countries, academic council’s decision with the special prizes at the yearly Gala-performance and they will left their palm print on specially prepared decorative forms (Appendix № 1,
№ 2), where could also be there photos, text. These decorative forms would be placed in one of the most beautiful places (with a unique nature), at a distance of 25-30 meters apart. This place would be named the “Planets’ Stars Park”. All who wish to visit this park, could walk on a specially made acquainted through the avenues and decorative forms of famous Planet personalities, their spiritual world.
Decorative form will be equipped with a sound mechanism that if visitors will wish - at the press of certain buttons will tell about laureate achievements at the seven requested languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian languages.
In this project all Transcarpathian organizations, sanatoriums, recreation and tourist places, forestry enterprises, companies can make proposals on location of the “Planets’ Stars Park” in there areas.
If you (television company, creative, producer groups and other groups, or personally) are interested in participating in organizing and conducting of this project – “Planets’ Stars Park” , please fill out the Form Nr. 3

Form for those who wish to participate in the organization and conduction of
“Planets’ Stars Park”- Download!

Completed application forms and send the request:

in electronic form:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
in printed form:
90202, Ukraine
Transcarpathian region,
Beregovo Rozhoshkert str.,60

Іменниник сьогодні: Габорець Василь Степанович – пеший віце-президент міжнародної ради "Віжи-3000", заслужений працівник культури України, м. Ужгород (82 р.)
Завтра день народження справляє: Носа Михайло Дмитрович – головний редактор обласної газети "Неділя" та ще десяти інших видань, м. Ужгород, керівник прес-центру друкованих засобів масової інформації міжнародної ради "Віжи-3000" (47 р.)
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