Recipes of new dishes on the theme of “Human Life Extension” and “Woman, Love “Unlowo”


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«Recipes of new dishes on the theme of “Human Life Extension” and “Woman, Love “Unlowo”»

This project will collect recipes of various dishes on a theme:
a) human life extension “Etliwibe” (Eternal life will be) “Vizi- 3000” (Eternal Life in the Third Millennium)  “Liiset” (Life is eternal) 
b) “Unlowo” (Universally loved woman) is dedicated to women and love.
Winners and participants of this project will receive cash prizes and moral rewards. The book of recipes will be issued specially for the above mentioned theme.
Those who are interested in participation in this project have to fill in the appendix Nr. 1 and send it to: 90202, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Beregovo, 60 Rozhoshkert St., tel./fax: (03141) 2-30-25, (03141) 2-40-07, mob. + 38-050-539-96-97, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Today, the best dish is “Etliwibe” (this dish has the influence on people like “Viagra” and it includes 27 components, and the main is corn flour).
“Vizhy – 3000” dish (this dish has very strong effect on the human intellectual development, and the main component of the soup “Bograch” is a fern).
The authors of these dishes are citizens from v. Cherna, Vynohradovo district, Transcarpathia, Ukraine, headed by Vasyly Ivashko.
Pancakes “Etliwibe” (with poppy)
Pancakes “Vizhy – 3000” (with walnuts)
Snack “Liiset” (the recipe is a secret, authors are Oksana Tovtyn, Tatyana Adamcho).

Form for those who are interested in the participation in the “New Recipes of Dishes” project on theme of human life extension, woman, love “Unlowo” - Download!


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