Seven most pressing problems on the Planet!


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"Seven most pressing problems on the Planet!"

Of course the planet has more than seven pressing problems that have to be resolved (about forty). But most of them highlighted in the concept of “Eternal life will be”. At the same time, I would like to emphasize seven issues that are most important today.
And if in five of these problems I have some definite vision of how to solve them, two others is only a philosophical reflection. These two problems related to such notion:
- What is time and eternity?
- What is the endless Space?
Trying to understand what actually is a time, endless Space, shows no result. Similarly, many people even don’t think about to have a significantly longer life as well as about eternal life, without death.
Regarding to the concept of my vision of finding a “drug of eternal life”, solving problems of significant human life extension, I would like to clarify that I am not talking about the eternal life but about life without aging, which can last 500-700 years or even more and which may be interrupted due to accident, suicide or unexpected damage of vital organs (casually or specified with a long life time).
So, I leave the question on notion of time, eternity, endless Space on later, and perhaps to for future generations.
For citizens of the Earth it is quite important to resolve these five issues for which it is necessary to apply all efforts to avoid negative consequences of possible moral catastrophes and natural disasters, or even worse.
Third problem. Most tragic event for the society on the Planet can happen if at the scientific basis of the “drug of eternal life” (I mean problems of life without aging, a significant human life extension) will be resolved before 40 problems will be resolved that are highlighted in the concept “Eternal life will be”. Lets very briefly list some of that problems that must be solved: environmental issues, group of the Earth protection from attacking of other civilizations, various natural disasters, creating single world standards in all trends, a group that would deal with the establishment of modern mechanisms of governing of all structures for all countries and to work out models of a future single language, find a scientific process through which to solve the problem of life without aging, it’s significant extension, a dynamic socio-economical development of all countries, to solve the problem of peace, disarmament, on a scientific basis to solve the problem of growth of population and in the future to settle other planets, prophylaxis of health and treatment, issue super modern vehicles on the Earth and interplanetary communications, a research center on communication with other civilizations, scientific forecasting of all activity types of humanity, resolving energy issues, water supply, food, living problems, household items, transportation and other necessary for the normal life on the Earth and to create a single Media Center (press, radio, television, internet, etc..), where information goes in one language for all inhabitants of the Planet, creating a single telephone and television video center, the single currency for all, a group that deals with settlement of oceans, deserts, cold regions, mountains and other already populated places and creation of normal living conditions, making of promotional products in one language: print, video , CDs, souvenirs and more, creating of a new model for training all categories of humanity, full computerization everywhere, a group of prediction of new family relations and their solution, full support and maximum use of non-traditional-minded people, healers who “works wonders”, have original ideas, activities of the initiative group which would be engaged in designing and upgrading of the building for today, future and for settling of other planets of the universe to solve the problem of leisure earth’s citizens, and a number of others.
Indeed, in this case, the entire world society is not ready, not moral or organizational or material, nor in all other trends of the system to work with residents of the Planet, who, of course all, want urgently to take the “medicine of eternal life” (or drugs of youth) and, dynamically, to join in a completely new relationship with nature, universe.
It is hard to imagine how to change the world, when people begin to live more than 800-1000 years, and in the reproductive age. Most likely this human re-productivity will have to severely limit (as outlined in the concept of “Eternal life is”). Definitely to change relations in society, family relations, look into other civilizations, forms of entertainment, communication, and much more.
In general, it will be very, very different world. By the way, we accidentally came, and I think very closely. Is it morally ro push people to such changes? Replying Oleksiy Olovnikov (Ph.D., a leading researcher at the Institute of Biochemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, biologist, theorist. In 1971, the first in the world expressed a prediction about the role of specific enzyme telemerazy during aging of living cells), said that: “It is immorally to not do this”. To find a medicine of aging mean to find a medicine of all diseases are connected with aging.
Academician Volodymyr Skulachov (Doctor of Biological Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the New York Academy, member of the European Academy, Director of the Institute of Physical and Chemical Biology, Moscow State of Belozerskoho, Laureate of USSR State Prize (1975) global important scientist, his reputation is huge, he is one of the founding fathers of “bioenergy”) says “I think we learn quickly to stop aging and restore youth, accurately through decades, even faster than fifty years. For me the most important thing now is to convince my colleagues that death and aging of human are programmed, and not only is a result of the accumulation of errors and the body deterioration.
By the way, Mr. Skulachev V.P. and Olovnikov O.M. – are the greatest authorities in the world on the problems and issues of death. And if they say that cures against aging will soon appear, this is not just words. The paces of development of the molecular biology are so fast that tablets of immortality can be appeared not in 50 years but already in 5-10 years. I think this is a reason to think.
These and many other facts, research and other evidences shows that firstly it is necessary to solve the above mentioned problems, and then the issue of life without aging, a significant extension of human life, because otherwise the world might happen a moral disaster.
The fourth important question - is the creation of the planet model that provides opportunities to significantly improve the activity and use of human brains.
Despite the great strides made in the world in scientific and technological progress, especially in electronics, computerization, internet, and creation of robots, etc., I see this progress as one of the most difficult problems in the world. It is not a secret that it always was in attention in all leading countries of the world to the improvement of human brains.
So scientists from different countries have developed, developing, implementing, analyzing and doing everything to ensure that once appeared a child, all conditions for its development, and especially in improvement of a brain that it will be clever, perceived a maximum amount of information for brain’s intellectual development, offer something new to society. And for this the most important that each day a child, in the future adult, working alone and thinking their brains.
Unfortunately modern science has been doing a lot for us and consequently does not give a possibility to achieve a potential that it received from the nature. This is somewhat that degraded our society.

That is necessary to consider that the Earth system, to some extent, of blocking the latest technological advances for the citizens of our Planet and especially young people who use in their activities their mental abilities.
Fifth is the issue of ecology on the Planet and its environment, and for these days remains an extremely difficult problem. To solve this problem modern society has to pay astronomical costs. This largely applies to the erosion of the atmosphere, and against natural disasters: earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires and others. But there is no other choice.
If we look in the nearest future, it is clear that we have to deal with these problems immediately.
Undoubtedly , to resolve this issues it has to be created an initiative group “Ecology” (for example) with representatives from all countries that will, at a scientific level, with agreed decision, solve all issues: from the financial and material costs - to the scientific.
Sixth issue - poverty, the “Globalization” movement, the problem of finding a moral understanding among those who works expanding energy, intellect, physical work, but get totally inadequate wages and with very different living conditions.
Undoubtedly this is an extremely complex issue aside by the public world that can not remain. This shows, unfortunately, the crisis, in one than in another country and often in many countries together.
I believe that single injections of providing of the material help (even if they it is billions of dollars) give only a temporary closure problems, brief moral rest.
Therefore, it seems to me that with all the complexity of solving this problem (it is not a secret that thousands and thousands of people dying of starvation and this is in our time) necessary to the world community again with agreed decision, urgent research - to study this problems, develop measures for solving them, and urgently to find money to fulfill them (I’m an utter enemy of such single financial aid).
Some of my suggestions:
a) In places of a population residence, nearly starving, or very poor, build factories or other organizations that could provide people with work (if even if one person (on demand) will work as 5 persons). This applies to all countries where is unemployed.
b) Categorically it is not acceptable to give money for that, do nothing in any country in the world. It will cause another global problem when those who work will resent against those who do nothing but practically do not live much worse than regular employees.
c) we want it or not the international community must work to provide all with jobs (or majority) and adjust, coordinate labor earnings as possible clear, depending on how much energy worker spend on work (physical and intellectual trends).
d) With respect to the super-rich, medium rich and wealthy, it should also be worked out the coordination (usually voluntary) the allocation of their money to resolve job creation problems.
Seventh issue is the problem of terrorism, bombers.
It is also too difficult global problem. Moreover, in further it became more difficult. Earlier on terrorism in general, various countermeasure schemes were worked out, then the mass use of “suicide” has completely changed the philosophy of confrontation. And when a person dies it is extremely difficult, or almost impossible, even with very professional and technical training to contract for appropriate authorities, organizations and services.
With all desire or reluctance, knowing the moral side of this case, I see no other way to solve this problem, the one way is to sit at the negotiating table with leaders of extremists, find compromises, other peaceful means of settlement. Of course, it is extremely difficult. But it the only way to achieve some positive results. It is clear that if the leaders of the terrorists will command to all their units it will be done. That is only one way to spot organization and carry out terrorist attacks and other negative things.
Obviously that any of the parties during the negotiations may raise unrealistic, pretentious questions. It is a big fear, but a patience, diplomacy have to be presented and step by step to go to the goal. 
I don’t see another way.
Clearly, it is easy to write, much harder to do, and certainly not all think so, or have other ways of solving these problems. But no doubt, these are problems that must be solved immediately.

December 4, 2005. Y. Hetsko

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