“Laws and categories of philosophy predict major directions of development” (On new social and economic formation)


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“Laws and categories of philosophy predict major directions of development” (On new social and economic formation)

It is well known to all that the law is a tranquil, stable representation of existing world. As well as under main laws of philosophy if to understand and treat them accurately we can predict, forecast following development, evolution of some or other occurrences, events, how the process proceeds and accordingly we see what exact actions should be taken to achieve positive results.
At the moment, world scientists distinguish three groups of laws:
- partial laws inherent only to some forms of movement substance (laws of mechanics, chemistry, biology etc.)
- general laws, inherent to all or to many forms of movement substance (mathematic laws, cybernetics, laws of conservation and other)
- universal laws (laws of dialectics)
It should be emphasized the importance of distinguishing laws of nature and social laws.
Taking in consideration that I’ll try to predict development of events in society or in its separate directions, certainly, I use and base myself on three main universal laws:
1. Law of Transition from Quantitative Change to Qualitative Change;
2. Law of Combining Contraries Into a Unity;
3. Law of Objection of Protest.
We all perfectly understand that they are called main, universal laws of dialectics because are performed in nature, in society as well as in knowledge.
If to proceed from these three main laws of dialectics, let’s bring an example of development of social and economic formations during passed millenniums on our Planet.
Something that is known by all:
- Universe appeared 15 billiard years ago;
- Earth appeared 4.5 billiard years ago;
- Life on Earth appeared 3.5 billiard years ago;
- Life of primates on the Earth appeared 65 million years ago;
- Separation of humans from other living forms on the Earth began 12 million years ago and finished around 3 million years ago by appearing of primitive communal method of production with appearance of human (human hers). It was existed until IV – III millennium BC;
- Intelligent person was formed only 250 thousand years ago and 40 thousand years ago they had been similar to now existing one.
First human on the territory of Ukraine appeared 1.5 million years ago.
It is known by all that first in the human history were primitive communal methods of production for which was typical an obligatory handwork, social (communal) ownership on production means and produced products, regulation of communal level of consumption of each member on the basis of the equality.
Then appeared a slave-holding social method of production where the economic system based on private ownership on production means and producer itself - slave, noneconomic force, also on handwork and supremacy of farming.
Feudal social method of production has appeared with downfall of a slave-holding social method of production, and in most of European countries – after downfall of primitive communal society.
Feudal social method of production is an economic system based on feudal ownership on land in combination with noneconomic force and handwork, mainly in farming.
The feudalism was followed by a capitalism that is an economic system based on social and economic estrangement of main masses of workers from majority of objects of ownership (production means in the first place), from economic power and working process itself and subordinates itself other forms of non-capitalistic ownership – petty and cooperative goods economy, - forming an integral process of extended capitalistic reproduction.
Capitalistic method of production is a unity of productive forces (thus with characteristic laws and contrarieties) and economic relations of capitalistic property with characteristic laws and contrarieties in their dialectic interaction in the result of which during the long term evolution it goes from one stage (including rates) to another, more developed and the progressive method of production is formed.
Therefore, the main part of material and financial values are concentrated in hands of small quantity of people.
The developed capitalism was appeared by socialism that is a social and economic formation based on pluralism of labor forms and types of ownership (by domination of state and cooperative forms) at national or international economical planning, social government and control of development of ownership in the interests of working people.
To proceed from philosophic laws of dialectics the major quantity of countries should change the social way of development that ahs two types: state and democratic. Nevertheless, there are not many countries with such way of development at the moment.
For instance, in certain time it was tried to make in Soviet Union. But, especially at the first phase (1917 – 1955) that went with progressive manner of development was distorted by negative ambitious of the leaders who used dictatorial, cruel forms of government absolutely not compatible with building of socialism. Later, between 1955 – 1970 many of these mistakes were redeemed and successes have taken place in the building of socialism, but due to untimely restructured model of government of the Soviet Union there were huge spiritual and moral gaps which have led to collapse of the Soviet Union and other countries of the Eastern Europe which had built socialism.
And most of these countries did not examine what they built. They didn’t leave positive experience that they definitely had. They throw off everything and proceed to built the capitalism. Scilicet, in short period a state property became a property of a small group of people that were smart, resolute and dexterous. Most of people in these countries did not even notice that they live in other world, society. Moral and spirituality were lost. All spheres become corrupted and only wealthy people are appreciated.
Scilicet, philosophic laws of dialectics were broken that accordingly pushed many of us backwards.
Previously it was described how many years evolution of human and society have taken so the following evolution will not pass shortly.
Nevertheless, if to consider three main laws and its categories we can see what future we’ll have and to choose as soon as possible the correct way of development.
Predominant majority of population is undoubtedly unsatisfied by iniquity that exists in all spheres of their each day activity.
For example, why when you make the same work as someone other you receive absolutely different payment; why the pupil of someone can have everything and yours nothing, and when you are ill you cannot have necessary medicine because of insufficient of money; why someone even not working have everything and others practically nothing. Moreover, you make the equal contribution in society as the other one. Of course, it causes a huge indignation.
It is absolutely understandable the impartial imminence of approaching of humanity to the social equity. It’s stipulated by natural and historic advancing process of changing if less developed social and economic formation by more developed.
It was undoubtedly proved by history.
Scilicet, socialism will be followed by capitalism (by the way, the main principle of socialism – everyone works, as is able, giving its talent and accordingly obtaining those material and spiritual values which were earned for its work).
So we’ll build socialism. What then? There are many discussions concerning this theme, though, decades ago it was determined that it will be the communism. And we will not escape from it.
It is known that accordingly to scientific studies the communism is the most developed social and economic formation that will follow after socialism. It is based on systematic, proportional and thorough development of new technological methods of production stipulated by creative work of people that is carried in condition of harmonic coexistence of society and nature, planning of public property, absence of classes thanks to what all forms of estrangement are overcame, fundamental unity of work and property is provided, development of all essential personal powers, realization of its capabilities and satisfaction of rational needs and prosperities of all members of society.
If to say shortly, under communism everyone gives to society everything but only necessary for full-fledged living is received in return. Scilicet, the real justice must to exist in all spheres of life.
I think most of people on the Planet would like to live in such society.
But there are those who call it utopia, something unreachable, with negative interpretation of categorically critical remarks, fully unfaithful moral part of this society.
In this short article my aim is not to hold polemics on this issue or convince one or other side.
Nevertheless, I’m absolutely sure (and this is not my invention), using three main laws of dialectics that development of society is possible when perception three main laws (Law of Transition from Quantitative Change to Qualitative Change; Law of Combining Contraries Into a Unity; Law of Objection of Protest) in its scientific succession. And we have to use these laws literally in all directions of social development. Only in this case we can speedup those positive changes about which the humanity dreams. This includes also transition from one to another social and economic formation. I mean capitalism, socialism and then communism.
While all mentioned social and economic formations existed the law of Law of Combining Contraries into a Unity is acted in all spheres of activity, for example, between states, between certain unions of countries, social groups etc.
This is also a political battle, and economical, social, spiritual and moral, and generally, this battle holds was and is going at all horizontals and verticals. Of course, it starts from family, between families, streets, blocks, cities, regions, states, social groups etc., literally in all existing directions if social life.
This was one of those impulses of evolution of our planet – the Erath.
So many things were written that there is no reason to repeat it. And all above was mentioned to approach to the question: “What is following?”
And then a social and economic formation will be where all efforts will be united in resolving the problem of human life extension. For this reason scientists, businessmen, organizers, persons of natural gifts, whole intellectual potential, all people on the planet should be united to resolve those problems mentioned in the concept “Eternal life will be” (attached).
Let’s imagine that we did it. But here laws of dialectics enter which contradict to above mentioned. Yes, it is known that in the law of combining contraries into a unity is said that all subjects, phenomena and processes have a contradictory moments, tendencies, sides that are fighting and interacting between itself.
On the Earth after resolving questions mentioned the law of combining contraries into a unity would no longer exist.
Scilicet, in such form this new social and economic formation cannot exist.
It is easy to disprove.
The Earth and its habitants enter into interaction with habitants of other planets of the Universe. In the real, this interaction always exists as unity of identities and peculiarities that interacts and gives a push for movement. In this case the identity and peculiarity are contraries that in interaction cause each other.
Scilicet, all those processes that previously take place between states, regions etc. under new social and economic formation will take place between the Earth, its habitants other civilizations and planes.
All these processes have contradictory moments, tendencies of parts (Earth and other civilizations) that fight and interact between each other.
The new social and economic formation (that is proposed to call “vizhyism”) has a right to exist as a project. I absolutely sure that the problem of significant human life extension will be realized in nearest future if to act intelligently, successively and with approach of all people on the Planet.
Nevertheless, battle of contraries is a common. It is a true justice and is the condition of existence of arranged cosmos as Heraclitus wrote.

May 2010 Yuriy Hetsko

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