Laws category include the main directions of development" (relative to football)


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Laws category include the main directions of development" (relative to football)

Among men, a very popular sport like football. Clearly, we cheer for the national team of Ukraine on football. But what our team to be in this in whatever we wanted it.
Let by the laws of dialectics to find reasons and name specific ways to solve it.
Based on the philosophy of the law of dialectics "The law of mutual transition of quantitative changes which suggests that changes occurring in the objective is only based on quantitative changes. That is, to our poyavlyalasya maximum number of talented players have created an opportunity to play football a huge number of children, youth, youth. Accordingly, the more will engage in football, you're more likely to get more young talented players.
What is the situation we have today. this law very clearly illustrates the development of football in Brazil. There really is almost the boys very young age to age with football. No doubt this contributes to climate year round is an opportunity to play football. In Brazil, usually specialized schools, which train has already selected the best. But most of the children practicing alone, almost chaotic. clear that with such a huge number of those involved in football grows unprecedented amount of talent. Not by chance, taking the country world, 60% of Legionnaires is footballers from Brazil.
Another concrete example. You remember the good times (1950 - 1970 years) when still in the Soviet Union team in the biggest football forums (the world championship, Europe) is always included in the list of teams favorites, but in that time the international players in the team. And that's because at that time really, every quarter, in every neighborhood, in every village a lot of children from morning to evening randomly, haphazardly played football. Course was DSSH system and other institutions to prepare players. But they could not reach all those who played football. That number passed in quality.
And today in this regard that the parties at professional clubs in their great schools, specialized DSSH, etc. But they do not cover the amount which would have had to provide the appropriate quality. Almost in the cities, in districts very much reduced areas, where you can play football, decreased the number of people involved in street, rural children's football. accordingly reduced the number novoroschenyh talented players. In rural areas, this activity started at all.

And if you take the analysis from which appeared talented footballers at the time, it turns out that 70% - they were residents of villages, small towns.
What do we need to radically shift in a positive matter?
We play what was formerly based on the law of dialectics. "Negation of negation", but much higher stage of development.
Firstly. First of all create in all possible places impossible football fields, mini-football field. in villages, in each neighborhood.
Second. Prepare for a special technique for football fans, like for a small fee of organized work, conducted training with all comers children playing football.
Third. To prepare methodological literature, which would have developed the methodology that should be in each (from 6 to 16 years) must nauchyty.
That is 20% trenirovka is mandatory program, and 80% just play.
Fourth. All the children involved to have a computer questionnaire sporting growth, which according to the year to replenish.
Fifth. Scheme to fulfill the recommendations of the best players in DSSH, football etc.
Sixth. Think opportunity for young players football Seventh - on the state to provide all those who play football in enough football myachamy.
I am sure that with such a state, Football Federation of Ukraine already in the near future (5-6 years) we appear a significant number of talented players which will win the most prestigious football tournament.
More details on the improvement of football facilities in you can see in the concept of "Establishment of regional training centers futbolstiv high class in Ukraine.

May 2010. Yuri Hetsko

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