On creation of international coordination centre on cooperation with «thinkers»


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On creation of international coordination centre on cooperation with «thinkers»

In every country are people with exceptionally high mental capabilities who with their brain that works practically twenty-four-hour (even when laying in a bad, driving car, watching TV-set, taking meals, listening radio and when communicating) think out all problems and find how to avoid them, how to resolve them in faster way, what consequences will be and what actions should be taken after a positive solution of the question, the international coordination center on cooperation with “thinkers” should be created.
Such category of people calls “thinkers”. There are not many of them and little of them are used by society. Usually they are genius people who can make a deep analysis of processes that already happened, to show mistakes and not to make them in further; they can predict future in all possible trends of human activity; they create supermodern models of government in different spheres where it is necessary. Through their logical thinking, they can see what will happen and what actions should be done.
Such type of people could enter by their choice to the International Council “Vizhy-3000” where they would do the things they are calling to do and accordingly they could open their talent of “thinkers” and resolve priorities for the society.
For those who are inclined to such kind of cooperation fills the Annex Nr.1
All thoughts and proposals will be examined by the council of coordination centre where it will be decided the actuality of proposals, how to resolve problems, theoretical and practical use.
Scilicet, the clear mechanism of application accelerated of real thoughts in the concrete work that will give to their authors the moral and material satisfaction.
The others who are willing to enter to the council of international coordination center on cooperation with “thinkers” is necessary to fill the Annex Nr.2 (13 [people will be chosen by the government and council of centre).
Organizers, financial groups, private persons and others who are interested in this project in the manner of its organization, financing, sponsorship have to fill the Annex Nr.3.
All this information should be sent at the address: 9022, Ukraine, Transcarpathia region, Beregovo, 60 Rozhoshkert Str., tel./fax (03141) 2-30-25, vj,. 050 -539-96-97, E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it web-page: www.vizhije.org.

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«Про створення міжнародного координаційного центру по співпраці з «мислителями»
Іменниник сьогодні: Габорець Василь Степанович – пеший віце-президент міжнародної ради "Віжи-3000", заслужений працівник культури України, м. Ужгород (82 р.)
Завтра день народження справляє: Носа Михайло Дмитрович – головний редактор обласної газети "Неділя" та ще десяти інших видань, м. Ужгород, керівник прес-центру друкованих засобів масової інформації міжнародної ради "Віжи-3000" (47 р.)
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