If we want to move forward positively and very fast – we have to examine ad verbum all problems in scale of whole world – our planet Earth


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«If we want to move forward positively and very fast – we have to examine ad verbum all problems in scale of whole world – our planet Earth»

It is necessary for each habitant of our Planet to understand that problems we have in each country we can examine and discuss only in the scale of whole world, i.e. in global.
And only together (i.e. by all habitants of all countries) we can resolve all the problems.
It should be understood by all that the Planet Earth belongs literally to each of its inhabitants and all natural resources that the Erath has (territory, mineral resources, water and all other) should be split proportionally and equally between all inhabitants of our Planet, i.e. from the moment of a baby’s birth a share must be given at once.
If life was given to people then each one must have equal rights and obligations under world community.
If we’ll approach in the resolving of different global problems with such notion than I’m sure that Earth’s inhabitants we’ll resolve this questions and life of people will be constantly getting better and everyone will discover its talent, obtain satisfaction from life and rejoice from successes of everyone.
If we’ll continue to do everything like we do now (when problems are resolved on the level of state, region etc.) it will leads to more vast economical crisis, different regional wars, natural catastrophes (earthquake, hurricane, flood, fire etc.) that we’ll don’t have a possibility to resolve.
Yet in 1867 I wrote the conception named “Eternal life will be!” where I developed a model of the Planet’s government. Scilicet, what is necessary to make on the Earth to enhance the human life. I proposed to create a model of government named “SWGB” (Single World Government Body) and wrote 32 thesial problems that should be resolve by the Erath community.
Scilicet, I have my own view how to resolve problems.
Not long ago, in August 2010, I read in weekly journal called “Hordon’s Bulyvar” the interview with one of the most genius people (I think so) Havrilo Popov, president of international union of economists, where he expresses his view of further development of the world community.
Taking into consideration that I’m fully agree with his proposals and that in my conception I propos how in practice to resolve these questions I’m proposing to add my conception with concrete proposals of Havrilo Popov with some of my additions:
- First of all it should be made steps for globalization in all spheres;
- It’s necessary to create a world parliament, world council (I propos a model of government SWGB);
- It’s necessary to create a world police, world court and other law enforcing bodies;
- UN should be reconstructed into principally new organization that will be sub-organization to the SWGB (Single World Government Body). But maybe it is better to insert a progressive functions from UN to SWGB;
- World community in shortness time should make out regulations of rights and duties that should be followed by all inhabitants of the planet Earth. And the world community should fulfill its obligations to secure all required by regulations. In such document should be defined the strict sanctions that will be used for country and people who are violation those regulations;
- It is necessary to create the banking system and reconstruct the financial and economical relations in the world community;
- It’s necessary to create a modern, smart credit system of free money in such manner to secure our children and grandchildren by accumulation huge financial reserves and give them a possibility to continue the development of all main spheres of activities of world community;
- A continually acting science council should be created that in the nearest time will examine and introduce their proposals on the most important debatable questions. For example: to whom the bottom of the Arctic Ocean belongs, to whom the Antarctica belongs, to whom the Moon belongs, and many others;
- It is necessary to think out creation of a world currency that will not belong to some country, region, but to everyone (SWGB) – i.e. it should by without owner;
- To pass all nuclear energy, nuclear weapon (SWGB);
- To pass all rocket and cosmic equipment to SWGB;
- To pass all natural resources to SWGB cause they belong to every inhabitant of the planet and they should receive the rent payment (profit);
- It is necessary to make a serious correctives in births, genetics etc. The serious obligations should be taken in the limiting norms of births that are defined by the productiveness of labour and wealth accumulated per capita. If people do not have requiring conditions for upbringing children, it is better to wait until good money is earned. At the moment the situation is funny: wealthy countries are working from morning till evening to breed and always lodge a claim to poor one;
- It is necessary to make serious correctives in questions of a great break between reach and poor as in separately taken countries, regions and specifically all inhabitants of the Planet as well. The break between reach and poor is inadmissible. That’s why the program of a combat against poverty in the world should be divided on two parts: alignment of life level in the scale of one country and alignment of prosperity in the world;
- It is necessary to be thought out and passed on low energy and low expense civilization;
- It is necessary to think out the program of genetic control. To control the limiting norms of births.
- It is needed to define that the Earth is a living organism. We cannot just take, take and take without giving something back, only violating all elementary norms of respect. Cause, we continuously use the mineral resources, exterminating natural resources, don’t care about the ecology etc., and with this we exterminate ourselves and especially the future generation. We, the world community, in nearest time should find the form of cooperation with the Earth and resolve all ecological questions, to think out the program of smart using of the natural resources etc. It’s necessary to think out the program on studying the un, stars, life of the Earth itself, climatic cycles by the schema of long waves of genius Kondratev, to make clear the laws of creation and movement of cyclone and anticyclone, global worming and many others. And on the basis of these scientific analysis to make correctives in work of SWGB. On the basis of above mentioned to think out a scientific program on defense against catastrophes, natural catastrophes, the price for which become very high in the form of human life and material values;
- It is necessary to change the approach to the prosperity of people.

It’s not possible to live in the consumption society. Every inhabitant of the Planet has to make its personal contribution as well as to receive its share.

March 2011 Yuriy Hetsko

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