The most important thing in the process of development of all trends of vital activity of the Planet is a personality of «thinker»


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The most important thing in the process of development of all trends of  vital activity of the Planet is a personality of «thinker»

Long time I thought, analyzed and didn’t understand to the end who plays the major role in a positive, accelerated move forward of different trends of human vital activity, development of society, building different models of government and other,
It intrudes that it must be scientists, good organizers who can analyze, organize the real fulfillment of some certain task, project, idea and many others.
Actually, it’s a category of talented people who can achieve and resolve many and many things.
These people (organizers) more connected to the practical resolving of issues. They don’t see all consequences and in the main even after 100% realization not always see more deep perspective – “What follows after, what is the aim and how to achieve it”.
So, who should execute such function in a society (what kind of category of people)?
I think this should be people with exceptionally high mental capabilities who with their brain that works practically twenty-four-hour (even when laying in a bad, driving car, watching TV-set, taking meals, listening radio and when communicating) think out all problems and find how to avoid them, how to resolve them, what consequences will be and what actions should be taken after a positive solution of some question.
I call such category of people “thinkers”. There are not many of them and little of them are used by society. Usually they are genius people who can make a deep analysis of processes that already happened, to show mistakes and not to make them in further; they can predict future in all possible trends of human activity; they create supermodern models of government in different spheres where it is necessary. Through their logical thinking, they can see what will happen and what actions should be done.
Generally, such type of people are not suitable for leaders of different levels. They are too much independent because they make a real estimation of the leader’s possibilities, actions, potential and when they say a truth to their leaders, usually, leaders do not please it.
There is no such profession like “thinker”.
I think it’s very necessary to have a “thinker” (with salary) in organizations, institutions, science centers, financial and economical groups, telecommunications, in different industrial centers, especially in a state structures where are resolved very important and necessary problems of society. I have no doubt that the economical, spiritual, moral state would be much higher. Fewer mistakes would be made and problems would be much faster resolved.
The main purpose of such people is to think. It is necessary to take into consideration that such people are freedom-loving, independent and, practically, it is impossible to rule them. It is possible only to cooperate with them.
Not using them, their thought, mental capabilities in resolving important problems of society is a big fault.
Usually, “thinkers” are geniuses and world level people. As already mentioned there are not much of them on the Planet. Therefore, it is necessary to find an approach to them and create conditions where they could make a maximum benefit for all world society.
I would like to name just one of them. Havrylo Popov – one of the famous Russian economists, President of International Union of Economists.
If to make a short conclusion on the activity of the “thinkers”, I think at a state and world level should be think over and realized a model of using of “thinkers” for society.
For the following reason:
• In all major structures where important global problems are resolved to introduce pay positions of “thinkers”;
• To think over gradation of success criteria, encouragement and payment system;
• To think over a system of growth of “thinkers”: position (district, regional, state, international level) and payment conditions, forms of mutual cooperation;
• To work out separately such a notion as a process of understanding, criteria of its valuation with a concrete effectiveness of its understanding; how to pay for this, system of moral and spiritual encouragement.

March 2011 Yuriy Hetsko

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