"Laws category include development guidelines" (concerning Ukraine)


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"Laws category include development guidelines" (concerning Ukraine)

Take for example the current (2010) Ukraine. What to expect based on the philosophy of the laws of dialectics, went wrong in development since 1991, which should be considered correct, that we quickly achieved positive results. That is achieved in a short time of what is declared the current government. Be among 20 most developed countries in ten years, ie in 2020
The first major mistake that completely was not taken into account the philosophical law of dialectics "Law denial denial." We know that the law reflects the progressive, continuity in the development of objects, phenomena of objective reality, ie, in a simple literally everything.
The essence of the law negation of the negation is reflected in the form of development in general. More specifically represents continuity as a characteristic feature of the development process, because each new stage of development remains positive that was the previous development.
However, each new stage of development is not simply a mechanical combination of positive and preliminary stages of development and transition to a higher stage of development, strengthening of quality new, more rich content.
Conventionally, the development process can be represented as a spiral. Why? Since the repeatability of the old place on a higher basis, it appears that development is not in a straight line, as if in a spiral, approaching every way to the old, because repeatability and away it. Since this is new.
That is, after the collapse of the Soviet Union we needed to keep everything positive that has been done in previous years, to reject negative effects, which also was sufficient at the present to start building our modern Ukraine. We instead have rejected almost everything. This led to huge economic, moral, social and other losses. Moreover for almost every new user has in 1991 - 2010 рр. vidkyduvalos all previous achievements that have been leadership. of that sequence, continuity was not language. 19 years of all levels, just what did that dishing the dirt on each other (at all levels) is not giving the opportunity to work at all of the improvements.
Clearly, the law specifically says in the dialectic that in dalniyshomu we were soon able to achieve those positive results, we are what we dream.
It is important to emphasize that, as stated in the same law that development - a complex contradictory progress. It output, downward progress, regress.
That is, the crisis there - a predictable way, which we must always be prepared. do not have to do is drop the tragedy
on it. They were certainly in the future will be. This must always be prepared.
It is strange that way (you can call certain accepted throughout the rules), we understand, we know - still do not like normal people do in many, especially the successful countries of the world.
The first - without the joint efforts can not achieve positive results. This also applies to all areas, all Speaking of management at the state it is only when the efforts of the President, the Cabinet of the Parliament of possible improvements. By 2010, it was not. Finally, for 19 years managed to unite the efforts of these three major state institutions. (By the way it positively vidchulysya in activity in many areas in Ukraine). State machine run like clockwork: While at every turn a pinion power does not necessarily cease to cling to another. But that's not all. You must at all other levels to continue the association. Because so far, units and organizations will continue to sling mud at each other just because he or another of political power, power - it is difficult to achieve improvements. This is not something that is not to be opposition. It must be. But she was criticizing, give constructive concrete proposals, usually the government, while positive, is really reality into account. Only then can jointly move forward.
After all, at all levels, we see that the union begins to dominate in all fields. where together much more quickly achieve positive results.
In society, the vast majority of even the most influential people in the world realized that a much more difficult. already passed the time when the world still rules, or most of the country.
We well remember the days when almost ruled the world the U.S. side, and on the side of the Soviet Union.
Now we see that much has changed. First, there was a big key countries in the world (USA, Canada, England, France, Germany, Japan)
Then she vismirka. Russia joined.
But what we see now that almost eight heads of state declared that manage key areas of the world is not authentic. So there was a great offer on Twenty, which includes Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Britain, Germany, Indonesia, Canada, China, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Turkey, France South Africa, Japan and the European Union.
But this Twenty of Canada (June 26, 2010) decided to work more effectively to invite a number of countries.
I have absolutely no doubt that not a lot of time waiting, when you realize that solving global problems can only be present when the state of the world's largest to smallest.
We must understand that it is time it should be understood - that the Earth is a whole, we share only together can we bring the order to move forward.
a number of examples in all regions of the world held regional associations of various countries. Only one example (and many) is the EU which includes 27 countries.
also need to have something real to solve. We would like the European Union. We go so far do not expect. Everybody knows it. what? We have to wait 10-20 years until we have someone ask for? in any case.
I think Ukraine has long had the creation of the Union of Belarus, Kazakhstan, other countries want it with the corresponding specific concept. I'm sure it gave great advantages to each of these independent states. After this Union in the long run would have an advantage over the union of the beloved, beloved in the world.
We understand that more is in the development of society will be the dominant value-free areas, mineral resources. In this regard, the unification of these countries no real competition on the planet.
Certainly more difficult to resolve the issue of significant acceleration of scientific and technological progress, the restructuring of industries and technologies in the most modern of today must combine the best scientists of the association (and the potential of our great scholars) in the first place to develop the most sophisticated technology required. In order for we finally made our own raw materials for their own competitive world-class products in all the numerous directions. After all, everyone knows that its own raw materials, energy resources, we provided a long time.
One example. After WWII we have significantly lagged behind the U.S. in matters of science to develop nuclear, thermonuclear bombs, making space rockets, satellites.
While in the short term the best scientists of the Soviet Union were gathered together in design offices. a very short time, our scientists, by association, that have specific objectives, not only caught up in research projects leading scientists of the world overtaken but according to the shortest period was rebuilt industry that vyhotolyala products world class.
With this I am sure that very soon will come a time code to us will want to join many other countries.
Clearly, this is when the standard of living is higher in other countries.
In addressing the above issues certainly the most important is the issue significantly improve the lives of our people.
In still united.
Union concerned, as I already wrote many other areas. For example, take the science. If we take the analysis of the Nobel Prize we see that earlier winners in the fields were one, rarely two. Analyzing the last time we see that trend has gone, in some areas already awarded for 2-3 people, even scientists have a lot more joint work on specific topics.
For example.
A. In 2006, in Physics Nobel were Walter George Troubles Proc. joint research work, based on data obtained in 1989 due spacecraft Sauve, helped prove the theory of creation of the universe because so nazyvayemoho Great vzryvu. The Americans completed the work that helps to advance the study of the process of understanding the universe and the origin of galaxies of stars.
2. In 2007 Nobel in medicine were American scientists Mario Kapechchi Oliver and British colleague Marian Evans. discoveries in genetic research stem cells embryos have shed light on the human aging process helped to find new, more effective ways to treat cancer, diabetes, heart nedomahan 3. In 2009, Nobel became American researchers Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol grader Jack Shostak had a major study cellular mechanisms of aging, and in addition, enzymes playing a role in the development of cancer cells.
4. In 2007, a joint Nobel former U.S. Vice President Albert Gore Jr. and the Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Change (MKKZ) (ie, it is quite a large group of people) they conferred this honor for the efforts of the collection and dissemination of knowledge about human induced climate change and lay the foundations for the measures needed to counteract such change. Were recorded, which awarded environmentalists and champions of global warming.
So scientists killing more uniting. not far when on certain topics, directions, basic for the development of our planet will be combined for research scientists in many countries. I'm not doubt it. In all directions the result is there - which is community of people dealing with similar themes.
Second - The sequence in all continuity (as discussed above).
Third - a new model of governance. At present it is not so advanced that the most ideal heads of
almost totally positive move is impossible. That is to simultaneously actually vzayemopov'yazavshy level of state since the Constitution, the President, Cabinet of the Parliament, budget, tax and other codes of the vertical power (village, town, city, district and regional authorities), courts, prosecutors, Security, District Internal Affairs, the system of elections and much, much more to create a new highly advanced model of governance.
Fourth - follow the rules of tempo. That is all scheduled to perform on time in all directions once. If one of the links of constant direction will fall it may reject all are back.
Fifth - in some cases, if necessary use a specific rule of acceleration. That full mobilization responsible for a crucial area of ​​work where the hour is painted.
Sixth - It is well known that the idea - the basic form of knowledge through to the accelerated growth of the problem.
It's no secret that for the solution of any point of the case required five factors:
- Professional, well trained staff;
- Financial maintenance;
- Management model which is implemented with auxiliary plans;
- An idea;
- Neodynarnyy leader (manager).
We know that the basic idea of ​​the above. With no - there is no rest. no accident. After all, the idea - a form of scientific knowledge that reflect relationships, patterns of reality intended to transform.
The idea is not simply reflect reality as it is now, but in development opportunities in the trend, it not only exists, but the proper and direct cognitive human activity on the practical transformation of reality.
no chance in developed countries highly valued, highly paid people provide constructive, positive, new ways of pointing.
Often the author of an extraordinary leader (manager) another person. But perhaps as the author quite extraordinary leader of men. Basically the main thing is that it is one or rights, and that each of them responsible for its pidhotovlennistyu, professionalism in the performance of certain functions in the world why we in the imperative of developing new ideas, to stimulate the final result. While not appreciate people providing real benefits it will not be assessed in accordance with the state, is difficult to expect revolutionary changes.
Seventh - may be the first of this intellectual revolution. That is completely rebuild the relationship of the state, of society, every person, to employees engaged in intellectual
work - it is scientists, inventors, scientific and technical workers, educators, doctors, cultural workers sport.
Think Financial decent moral support.
Eighth - very important not to miss the moment when it is to be made that leap (this applies to all areas of the state) when it is imperative to make the transition as the old to new. Generally it is always a turning point in development, breaks the continuity. When brewing a critical situation, there is a weight problem, you need time to do this jump. That decision, concrete - and everything else. And immediately determine if it should be done immediately, while sudden, entirely. And if all this change immediately, not suddenly, not once, but gradually.
This depends to a great performance of state institutions.
So for example in the new leadership of Ukraine had no way of turn serve a clear horizontal vertical in the personnel system of governance.
If not done at all it was impossible to move forward.
very correctly, that the first jump was made in this direction. So it was determined that this moment the problem must be solved immediately, while sudden, entirely.
Ninth. There should be laws, discipline all right, son, to subordinates for leadership.
Tenth. It is important to follow the law of equilibrium. This applies to all areas of society on every horizontal line in each vertical. After all, when the balance is disturbed relationships, economic, social, spiritual and other issues at once created a vacuum, leading to various adverse events, social vzryviv in natural disasters, the economy to the crisis of and more.
Usually after these vzryviv, or other negative phenomena elementary procedure is established only after we return the appropriate balance. Only at equilibrium possible progress, the conditions for creation. The development community has thousands of years confirms this truth.
It is important that in equilibrium the parties brought a positive, constructive real new offers they always held a healthy, morally pure competition.
Otherwise, this vacuum burst bad trend.
issues highlighted in the concept of "Creating Intelligent Community of the Future" (2000).

May 2010. Yuri Hetsko

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