Hetsko Yuriy


Hetsko Yuriy was born in April 13, 1950 in Vynohradovo, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine.
President of the Council “VIZHY – 3000”, Vice-President of the Ukrainian Academy of original ideas, academician, honorary citizen of Beregovo district, honorary citizen of the Beregovo city, organizer and coordinator of the International Board “VIZHY – 3000” creative center, rewarded a gold award of the Professional Ukrainian Football League for a significant contribution in the development of the football in Ukraine, in 1998 was awarded the state order “Order of Merit III level”.
Since 1954 he lives in Beregovo, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine.
Author of two concepts: “The mechanism of human intelligence in a free time” and “Eternal life will be”, which tell about ways of solution of the significant human life extension and creation for this of a new model of the Planet’s management.
Author of hundreds ideas, some part of them are international, national, and other part is regional. The most famous ideas are “Creation of the supermodern city “Unlowo”, “International contest for the organization and conduction of the best dramatic vizi-rock “Anne-Marie and Marie-Anne”, “Fairy tale hero “LIISET”, “International Project “Unlowo” (Universally loved woman), “Seven most urgent problems on the Planet”, “Creation of a future intellectual society”, project “Park of Planet’s stars”, “On the international council of coordination of work of the world “LIISET” center, which deals with issues of a significant human life extension”, “On an international coordination center on implementation ides into reality”, “Competition in presentation for the most talented people of the Planet of the international prizes “Vizhy – 3000”, “ETLIWIBE”, “Carpathian bear”, “Unlowo”, “LIISET”, “On spiritual, cultural, and educational center”, project “On assigning certificates to the best creative workers for achievements in various creative and intellectual trends”, creative project “Musician - instrument – actor”, “Activity of Creative Center”, “Model of respect to people that are important for society”, “Beauty contest between miss teams from different countries (team competition), “On the creation of regional centers for training of high class athletes (football players)”, “Organization of Ukrainian contest “Football Man of Ukraine” and “Football event of the year”.

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