Brief history of activity


Brief history of activity "NODOL" - "Globe" - "ETLIWIBE" -"Vizhy - 3000" -"LIISET"

Back in 1961 in Beregovo, Transcarpathian region, Ukraine, for children was created the non-governmental organization “NODOL” (scientific-hunting-research laboratory) on the initiative of Yuriy Hetsko (born in April 13, 1950) with Ivan Opachko, Volodymyr Yura, Tiberiy Vereytsi, Yosyp Mihovko and Marton Klain. The organization existed until 1967. “NODOL” engaged in discussions of children’s ideas and abilities to implement them. At that time were developed a variety of projects, written some articles. In 1963, Yuriy Hetsko wrote and developed a structure to create the youth leisure organization system, which, in the following years, was continually perfected and in the beginning of 1973 it has been theoretically and structurally designed, the project of creation a system of youth leisure in the USSR at the level of districts, oblasts (regions), republics and the whole Soviet Union. If to be in short, instead of 50-60 structures, which at that time engaged in leisure organization, to create three: a) leisure organization system for workers that has to provide a new theoretical structure and organization and development of workers’ leisure in all amateur trends. b) union system of training athletes of high class - an organization of professional sport. c) union system of training of creative workers of high skill levels - a professional approach in work of creative workers. In July 4, 1973 in Beregovo district furniture factory club on numerous requests from youth was created a “Youth Club “Globe” - in the near time was renamed “Beregovo system of youth leisure “Globe” – activity of which continued until 1993. During this period conducted more than 700 mass events, organized around 25 clubs interests, series of new in form and content measures that have not been held anywhere in the Soviet Union and many other. For organizing and conducting a significant work in the “Globe” system its permanent president during 20 years Juriy Hetsko in forum of leaders of youth movement in the Soviet Union that was held in Novosibirsk, Russia (there were representatives of all 15 republics and more than 40 cities) in March 26, 1978, was elected as a “King of youth clubs, dance clubs, associations of the Soviet Union”. By the way, Ukraine was represented in this forum by leaders of the youth movement from cities like Kyiv, Odesa and Beregovo. In 1976, for his activities Yuriy Hetsko was awarded the medal “Native land” of magazine CC VLKSM “Country youth”. During of activity in the “Globe” system it was written over 900 articles in newspapers and magazines of the USSR and abroad. In that time the “Globe” system was one of three most known youth organizations in the Soviet Union. In 1993, in connection with the huge changes in state building, new political and economic relationships (Ukraine became an independent state) the “Globe” system structurally and legally retransformed in a joint Ukrainian-Hungarian-Dutch company with foreign investment “ETLIWIBE”, which in 1997 in connection with changes of the founders becomes the joint Ukrainian-Hungarian-British enterprise with foreign investment “ETLIWIBE”. For ten years of its existence, this company was engaged in commercial activities, trade, population service, own production activities, science and advertising activities. In connection with new structural changes, finding new progressive forms of work in March 3, 2003 the above-mentioned organization became a limited liability company “International Intellectual, Economic, Creative and Sport Center” (IIECSC) “VIZHY – 3000”, which remains to this day. According to long-term plan developed in 1967 this center has to act in this form till 2013. It will be structurally reorganized in the world center “LIISET”. President of IIECSC “VIZHY – 3000” from the first day of existence is Hetsko Yuriy.

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